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Takeaway Food Paper Box with Window for Cup Cake Doughnut Bakery Bread Sandwich | TUOBO

Our takeaway food paper box with window is the perfect packaging solution for all your delicious treats – whether it’s a cupcake or a sandwich, a doughnut or a slice of bread. The window on the front of the box provides your customers with a sneak peek of what’s inside. Your delicious cakes, cookies and doughnuts will be endowed with visual beauty through these transparent windows.

Our cake boxes feature a simple yet stylish design that will add beauty to your baked goods and make them look even more delicious. We carefully select high-quality materials for our boxes, ensuring they are odorless. And They are made of thick, durable Kraft paper that won’t warp. Our boxes are perfect for displaying and selling cakes in store or as gifts on special occasions. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit all your needs.

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Cake Paper Box with Window

Introducing our Kraft paper cake boxes with transparent windows!

This product has many unique characteristics and can be widely used in various industries and occasions. Our Kraft paper cake box is made of high-quality Kraft paper material, which is exquisite and durable. At the same time, the transparent window design not only allows consumers to clearly see the appearance and quality of the cake, but also enables each product to be displayed more aesthetically. The cake boxes can be used in various restaurants, beverage stores, bakeries, supermarkets and other places. This product is not only suitable for pastry foods such as cakes, bread, biscuits, but also for packaging fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. In addition to its practicality, this product also has many other advantages. It is easy to carry and store. And Kraft paper packaging is waterproof, oil proof and not easy to be polluted. Our Kraft paper cake box use selected material, having high quality. It is widely used in various industries and occasions. We believe that this product will bring greater success and development to your business.

Product Details


Kraft paper, white cardboard


Food grade paper, non-toxic and odorless


Brown, white


Custom printing is acceptable


Cream cake, cup cake, donut bakery, exquisite bread, baked bread, sandwich ect.




The use of disposable dessert/food box not only conforms to the principle of environmental protection, but also brings better product publicity and promotion.

Disposable dessert/food box are an environmentally friendly option, as paper packaging is easier to recycle and dispose of than plastic packaging. Paper packaging materials are natural, healthy and harmless to the body. This disposable box can guarantee the hygiene and safety of food, prevent food contamination, and ensure the health and rights of consumers.

Our packaging materials have good printing effect, which can present the enterprise unique brand image. Business can carry out clever design and printing on the packaging to make it more attractive and distinctive, so as to leave a deep impression and enhance the influence and awareness of the brand.

Food grade paper

Custom acceptable


Fast logistics

Lightweight and sturdy

Green and environmentally friendly


Professional foreign trade team answer for your questions

Q: Where is the common use of cake cartons with clear Windows?

A: Cake box with transparent window is a convenient, sanitary, environmental protection and beautiful packaging box, is widely used in various occasions, and in the future there will be more extensive application prospects.

1. Pastry shops and dessert shops: In these establishments, cake cartons with transparent Windows are often used to pack a wide variety of pastries, cookies, desserts and cakes. While keeping the food fresh, consumers can clearly see the food inside.

2. Cafes and restaurants: Cupcakes with transparent Windows are also used for delicate desserts such as cupcakes, macarons and cookies.

3. Supermarkets and convenience stores: In supermarkets and convenience stores, cake cartons with transparent Windows are often used to pack some individual desserts, cakes, etc., to enhance the appeal and visual effect of the products while keeping the food fresh and convenient to carry.

4. Celebrations and parties: In various occasions such as weddings, celebrations, parties and birthday parties, cake cartons with transparent Windows can be used to hold a variety of desserts and cakes to increase the festive atmosphere and aesthetic feeling.

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