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Tuobo packaging is committed to providing all disposable packaging for coffee shops, pizza shops, all restaurants and bake house, etc , including coffee paper cups, beverage cups, hamburger boxes, pizza boxes, paper bags, paper straws and other products.

All packaging products are based on the concept of green and environmental protection. Food grade materials are selected, which will not affect the flavor of food materials. It is waterproof and oil-proof, and it is more reassuring to put them in.

What Are The Standard Sizes for Coffee Paper Cups?

With increasingly busy schedules, most people no longer enjoy their coffee while seated in a café. Instead, they opt to take their coffee out with them, drinking it on the way to work, in the car, at the office or simply while out and about. Disposable coffee paper cups come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to large, they generally come in the following sizes: 



Extra small

120ml or 4oz cups used for serving single or double espresso, babyccinos, and samples.



177ml or 6oz / 227ml or 8oz cups used for serving macchiatos, cappuccinos, and flat whites.



340ml or 12oz cups used for “standard” or regular-sized drinks. Ideal for americanos, lattes, mochas, and drip filter coffees.



454ml of 16oz cups used for iced or frozen coffee drinks.

What disposable cup sizes should your coffee shop offer?

Different coffee orders need different sizes of cups, and when preparing drinks for takeaway versus dine-in, proportions can change, so its important to consider the factors above before you start your own business. For example, the SCA recommends that cappuccinos are between 148ml to 177ml (5oz to 6oz) in volume, with a minimum of 1cm of vertical foam depth. They also recommend that a single espresso shot is 25ml to 35ml (0.8oz to 1.18oz).

The recommendation might be good advice but the final choice is up to your customer's preferences and your interpretation of them. A typical case is that the Plantation Coffee in Melbourne, Australia offers customers 177 ml, 227ml and 340ml (6 oz, 8 oz, and 12 oz) cups. They use a single espresso in their smallest cup size, but double espresso in the rest. This makes their takeaway options slightly stronger than their dine-in ones.

Different types of disposable coffee cups

Once you’ve figured out which size packaging you need for your beverages, it’s time to think about the design that’s most appropriate for your menu of drinks — and your budget.

Single Wall

Single-wall paper cups for takeaway are the cheapest and most cost-effective disposable paper coffee cup options. These cups are made of single-layer paperboard and are best suited to cold drinks. If you’re using these to serve hot drinks, it’s a good idea to pair them with a coffee cup sleeve and even a cautionary message.

Double Wall

Double-wall paper cups are the best options for hot drinks for there is an extra paper layer on each cup. This extra layer has the purpose of keeping coffee or tea more effectively warm, while at the same time, higher carrying comfort is ensured with the double wall cups since the air between the layers cools down the external surface of the cup and hence, protects your hands from burning.

Ripple Wall

Ripple wall paper coffee cups are also known as corrugated wall or triple wall coffee cups.The ripple wall take-away cups consist of a standard paper cup with an outer layer made from corrugated cardboard. This layer gives the cup its signature ripple effect and to guarantee your clients’ fingers remain cool while they’re grasping cups of your delicious hot beverages.

Three benefits of using disposable coffee cups

Convenience — As mentioned, disposable cups offer a level of convenience that reusable beverage containers cannot match.

Variety — Multiple sizes and designs make serving various drinks straightforward for businesses and enjoyable for consumers.

Disposability — When paper coffee cups have been used, they can easily be recycled or composted, domestically or commercially. Since paper cups are made from natural materials, they’re inherently biodegradable packaging. They don’t cause as much harm to the environment as synthetic products — even if they’re thrown away in general waste, they’ll degrade hundreds of years faster than any kind of plastic.

Want to add your logo or artwork to these coffee cups? Working with a full-service coffee packaging expert can make the process easier! We offer customization options for all of our coffee cup sizes, from f4oz all the way up to our extra-large 16oz disposable cups.All of our disposable coffee cups can be customized with your color scheme, logo, brand name, tagline and other information. 

If you are interested in getting a quote for your branded paper cups or need some help or advice then get in touch with Tuobo Packaging,a paper cup manufacturer in China today! Call us at 0086-13410678885 or email us at



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