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Choose Custom Double Wall Cups Combining Quality and Innovation!

Our double wall cup is a high-quality drink container. Made from sustainable materials, it is both environmentally friendly and recyclable. The double-layer design effectively maintains the temperature of the drink. The product has a simple and fashionable appearance, and can be customized with an exclusive logo to showcase the brand image. Whether in the office, travel, or outdoor activities, our double wall cups are your ideal companion to meet your beverage needs.

Choose custom hollow cups to highlight your brand's uniqueness and enhance product image. Collaborate with us to make your paper cup the perfect tool to showcase brand strength and innovative spirit!

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What Factors You Should Consider Before Customized Paper Cups

Create Your Unique Brand Image by Choosing Custom Double Wall Cups that Combine Quality And Innovation!

The hollow(double wall) cup we bring you is the latest and most popular choice in the market. We have selected high-quality food grade paper boxes and lined them with PE film to ensure that your products meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene, environmental protection, and safety.


Double Wall and High Quality

Double wall cups have multiple functional advantages. Firstly, they adopt a double-layer design, which not only provides better insulation effect, but also protects customers' hands from high-temperature burns. Secondly, the insulation layer of the double wall cup can also block cold air, ensuring that the temperature of the cold drink is long-lasting. In addition, due to the special nature of double wall cup materials, they are also very suitable for packaging cold foods such as ice cream and cakes, adding attractiveness to your product.

The Advantages of PE Coating Film

PE coating brings many advantages. Firstly, it provides excellent waterproof performance, ensuring that the beverage does not penetrate or leak. Secondly, PE film also has excellent thermal insulation ability, which can effectively maintain the temperature of the beverage, allowing customers to enjoy a lasting hot drink experience. In addition, PE coating can provide an additional protective layer to prevent the paper cup from becoming soft or deformed, ensuring comfort and stability during use.

Good Brand Image and Attractive

Customized hollow cups can create greater advantages for your brand. Through the application of printing technology, you can turn paper cups into a unique and powerful brand promotion medium, combining your brand with printing design, attracting more attention and leaving a deep impression. The popularity of hollow cups in the market is increasing, becoming a leading choice in the industry trend.

Widely Use and High Performance

Customized double wall cups can create greater advantages for your brand. Through the application of printing technology, you can turn paper cups into a unique and powerful brand promotion medium, combining your brand with printing design, attracting more attention and leaving a deep impression. The popularity of double wall cups in the market is increasing, becoming a leading choice in the industry trend.

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Custom Double Wall Cup Specification

There is an extra paper layer on the double wall cup. This extra layer has the purpose of keeping coffee or tea more effectively warm, while at the same time, higher carrying comfort is ensured with the double wall cups since the air between the layers cools down the external surface of the cup and hence, protects your hands from burning.

Double wall paper cups are designed with an additional insulated layer, playing a role of protection against heat and behaving more durable than single-walled cups. The additional insulated layer can keep the temperature of hot drinks or cold drinks stable for a longer period of time. It is widely used in cafe and other fast-food shops.

The double wall paper cups are especially suitable for serving coffee, tea or other hot to very hot beverages. The additional layer ensures comfortable carrying without the need for sleeves, which makes it possible for you to profit from the full cup surface for an outstanding design print. Next, to a matt surface, the double wall cup can also be ordered with a glossy (coated) surface, giving the cup a shiny and clear look-and-feel. 

Double Wall Custom Paper Cup





































What kind of printing option we can provide?

What kind of printing option we can provide

Some QS commonly encountered by customers

Are your paper cups food grade?

Our paper cups ensure that they meet international food grade standards. Paper cups are safe, non-toxic and harmless. We also strictly abide by health standards in the production process to ensure the safety and health of products. Our paper cups can be used to hold all kinds of drinks and food, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, soup, ice cream, salads, etc. They are ideal for takeaways, fast food restaurants and cafes.

What can double wall paper cups be used for?

Double paper cups are more insulated and durable than single paper cups, so they can be used to hold hot drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.

Which modes of transport can be supported?

1. Sea transportation: Sea transportation is one of the most common modes of international transportation, which is suitable for the transportation of bulk goods. Shipping can be done in bulk and is cheaper, but it takes weeks or even months to ship.

2. Air transport: Air transport is one of the fastest modes of international transport and is suitable for small quantities and light weights of goods. By air, goods can be quickly delivered to the destination, but the freight is relatively high.

3. Railway transport: Railway transport has gradually become an important mode of transport in the Eurasian land bridge combined transport. By rail, goods can be transported to their destination quickly and at relatively low freight costs.

Why are paper cups so popular with the public?

Paper cup has its advantages in convenient use, environmental protection, health, printing and so on, so it is widely used in many occasions.

1. Easy to use: Paper cups are easy to use and handle, and can be thrown away immediately without cleaning, especially suitable for going out, parties, fast food restaurants and other occasions.

2. Environmental concept: Compared with other materials of cups, paper cups are relatively easy to recycle, reuse and dispose of, and can be made more environmentally friendly by choosing the materials of paper cups.

3. Health and hygiene: Paper cups can be degraded naturally, avoiding harmful substances caused by using the re-dried cups, as well as bacteria and viruses remaining in the cups.

4. Easy to print: The paper cup is convenient to print various colors, patterns or trademarks and other information for corporate publicity or brand promotion.

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