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Delicious on the go, cakes delivered to you!

Whether you’re out and about or traveling, our disposable paper takeout food boxes for light food, sushi, fried chicken, or picnic packing is here to solve any of your delivery needs! Our takeout boxes feature separate compartments that are water-resistant, oil-resistant, and leak-proof, made with food-grade, heat-pressed cowhide paper, ensuring the safety and health of all your food.

The thickened material prevents softening and deformation, while the four-sided buckle design prevents lid slippage and leakage, eliminating concerns about food messes.

The transparent cover allows you to see the delicious food you have purchased clearly! With large capacity, they’re perfect for a variety of food, including fruit salads and sushi, meeting all your dietary needs.

We use non-toxic, odorless materials that ensure you can enjoy food healthily. They can be microwaved or refrigerated, providing convenience and versatility for any situation.

Let our boxes bring your perfect meals to your favorite destinations with ease!

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Take-out paper box plays an important role and significance in modern society. It is not only a kind of packaging material, but also a solution that meets the multiple needs of environmental protection, health and convenience.

Compared with disposable packaging materials such as plastic bags, take-out cartons are recyclable, degradable and environmentally friendly. It is an important contribution to reducing plastic pollution and protecting the environment.

Take-out cartons are convenient for customers to carry food. Its convenient and fast characteristics, especially suitable for fast pace, busy lifestyle.

Take-out paper box can be closed, which can protect food from external contamination and bacterial infection. It is a kind of hygienic and safe food packaging material. Additionally, the design and printing of take-out paper boxes can make the presentation of food more beautiful and attractive, and can also display the brand information through the design to achieve the purpose of brand promotion.

The production cost of take-out paper boxes is relatively low, which can meet the needs of different levels of customers for packaging materials and improve the service quality and competitiveness of enterprises.

Full-color CMYK printing

Food safe ink

Food-grade material.

Available in various sizes

Unlimited design options


Q: Where are the kraft take-out paper packaging commonly used?

A: Kraft take-out paper boxes are widely used in take-out industry, which can protect food quality and reduce environmental pollution. They are favored by more and more people and become an indispensable link in the industry.

1. Restaurant take-out: In the take-out industry, kraft take-out paper boxes are usually used to pack a variety of meals, such as stir-fried vegetables, fast food, hamburgers, etc. It keeps food warm and prevents food contamination and outside influences.

2. Hotels and hotels: Kraft take-out cartons are also commonly used to deliver food in hotels and hotels. Do not have to worry about pollution and outside influence, while avoiding the use of disposable plastic lunch boxes brought by environmental pollution problems.

3. Supermarket retail stores: In some supermarkets, retail stores and other places, kraft take-out paper boxes are usually used to pack some raw ingredients, bread, cakes and other items that have a short storage time or are relatively fragile.

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