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Premium Packaging for Your Sustainability Goals

Glassine is a smooth, translucent paper made from a manufacturing process called super calendering. The paper pulp is beaten to break down the fibers, then after pressing and drying, the paper web is passed through a stack of hard pressure rollers. This pressing of the paper fibers is producing a very smooth surface. This glossy paper is called Glassine that is air, water and grease resistant. So, Glassine is eco-friendly, acid-free, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material.

All our glassine bags are fully biodegradable and compostable which means that they break down to CO2, H20, and biomass which can then be reused in the eco system to make new plants.

These are perfect for,office stationery,digital productand,bathroom fittings,garment industry,cosmetic product,and daily necessities a huge range of other uses.

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Our Most Popular Glassine Bags

Not only does the use of glassine packaging grant your brand a premium feel with its glossed finish, it is also a strong marketing tool thanks to its 100% paper and plastic-free construction. Particularly within the fashion industry, people are becoming increasingly aware of the damaging effects plastic has on our environment. Sustainable clothing lines are experiencing unprecedented growth despite the higher prices which may have been perceived as a deterrent for shoppers.

glassine bags biodegradable

Glassine Bags Biodegradable

custom printed glassine bags

Custom Printed Glassine Bags

glassine bags eco friendly

Glassine Bags Eco Friendly

socks packaging -small glassine bags

Socks Packaging -Small Glassine Bags

GRS Certification

Huizhou Tuobohas been audited and found to be conformity with the Global Recycled Standar(GRS)


 Made with translucent paper allowing for easy barcode scanning and product visibility.



Made from readily renewable raw materials that can be regrown.


 Paper fibers do not contain added synthetic polymers. May include synthetic adhesives.


Tuobo’s paper packaging options are 100% curbside recyclable and made from renewable materials. 


Free from coatings and dyes, glassine is 100% naturally biodegradable.

Tuobo’s Custom Glassine Bags Capabilities

Different Thickness Options:40g/60g/80g

Have them custom printed or hot stamped with your logo or buy in large quantities for volume discounts

Our full-color printing, special print effects and coatings achieve the visual impact to make your apparel packaging stand out and add to your customers’ overall experiences.

Work with us on unique projects, including custom printing, additional sizes, vendor drop shipping, and more.

From as small as 1.2” x 1.5” to as large as 13” x 16” and everything in between, our team will help you design the perfect size to fit your product.


Different transparency

glassine bags size

Your Reliable Partner For Custom PaperPackaging

Tuobo Packaging is such a trusted company that assures your business success in a short time by providing its customers with the most reliable Custom Paper Packing.We are here to help product retailers in designing their own Custom Paper Packing at very affordable rates. There would be no limited sizes or shapes, neither design choices. You can choose amongst number of choices offered by us. Even you can ask our professional designers to follow the design idea you have in your mind, we’ll come up with the best. Contact us now and make your products familiar to its users.


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printing equipment
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All products are vetted for quality and environmental impact. We are committed to full transparency around the sustainability qualities of each material or product we produce.


Production capability

Minimum order quantity: 10,000 units

Additional features: Adhesive strip, vent holes

Lead times

Production lead time: 20 days

Sample lead time: 15 days


Print method: Flexographic

Pantones: Pantone U and Pantone C

Industry applications



Ships worldwide.

What is the maximum volume or weight your products can hold?

Different packaging materials and formats have unique considerations. The Customisation section shows the dimension allowances for each product and range of film thicknesses in microns (µ); these two specifications determine volume and weight limits.

Can I get custom sizes?

Yes, if your order for custom packaging meets the MOQ for your product we can customise the size and print.

How long does shipping take for custom packaging orders?

Global shipping lead times vary based on the shipping route, market demand and other external variables at a given time.

Our Ordering Process

Looking for custom packaging? Make it a breeze by following our four easy steps - soon you’ll be on your way to meeting all your packaging needs!You can either call us at 0086-13410678885 or drop a detailed email at Fannie@Toppackhk.Com.

Customize Your Packaging

Choose from our vast selection of packaging solutions and customize it with our wide range of options to create your dream packaging.

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After customizing your packaging, simply add it to quote and submit quotation to be reviewed by one of our packaging specialists.

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Get expert consultation on your quotation to to save on costs, streamline efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. 

Production & Shipping

Once everything is ready for production, have us manage your entire production and shipping! Just sit and wait for your order!

People Also Asked:

What Is Glassine?

Unlike its name, glassine is not glass – but it does have some glasslike features. Glassine is a pulp-based material that has been mistaken for other substrates, such as wax paper, parchment, even plastic. Because of its unique look and feel, it may not seem like regular paper.

Glassine is a glossy, translucent paper made from wood pulp. It is curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable, pH neutral, acid-free, and resistant to moisture, air, and grease, making it the best alternative to plastic packaging. Glassine is not the same as wax paper or parchment paper because it is free of coatings (wax, paraffin, or silicone) and plastic laminates.

What Are Glassine Bags

Glassine is a glossy, translucent paper made from wood pulp. It is curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable, pH neutral, acid-free, and resistant to moisture, air, and grease, making it the best alternative to plastic packaging.

What Are Glassine Bags Used For

As they're not waxed or chemically-finished during manufacturing, glassine bags are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Best used for… baked goods,clothing,candies,nuts and other confections,handmade and high-end items.

Are Glassine Bags and Glassine Envelopes Waterproof?

Glassine bags and envelopes are water-resistant but not 100 percent waterproof.

What Are Glassine Bags Made Of

Glassine is a glossy, translucent paper made from wood pulp.

What Sizes Do Glassine Bags Come In

Tuobo Packaging can custom-make glassine bags and envelopes from as small as 1.2” x 1.5” to as large as 13” x 16” and everything in between.

How Is Glassine Different from Standard Paper?

Resistant to moisture and grease: Standard paper absorbs water. Technically, paper absorbs water vapor from the air through a process called hygroscopicity, which causes the substrate to expand or contract based on the relative humidity of its surroundings.

The supercalendering process that changes the cellulose of glassine makes it less susceptible to hygroscopicity.

Durable and stronger than standard paper of the same weight: Because glassine is denser than a standard paper counterpart (almost twice as dense!), it has a higher bursting and tensile strength. Like all papers, glassine is available in various weights, so you’ll find glassine options at various quality, density, and strength levels.

Toothless: A paper’s “tooth” describes the surface feel of paper. The higher the “tooth,” the rougher the paper. Because glassine has no tooth, it is not abrasive. This feature is helpful for all products but is especially important when the material is being used to protect delicate or valuable art.

Does not shed: Standard paper can shed tiny fiber bits (rub a cloth against a shipping box, and you’ll see what I mean). Paper fibers have been pressed with glassine, leaving a smooth, glossy surface that does not shed onto the substrates it touches.

Translucent: Glassine that hasn’t been further treated or tied is translucent, allowing someone to visualize what is on the other side. While it is not clear (like plastic is), glassine is translucent enough to work well in various functions - from baked goods to art archival to packaging.

Static-free: Thin clear poly bags are notorious for producing static. The bags cling to each other, cling to products, and can quickly get all over a workspace. Not so with glassine.

Ls Glassine the Same as Parchment Paper?

No, glassine is a durable material made 100% from paper, whereas, parchment paper is a cellulose-based paper that has been chemically treated and infused with silicone to create a non-stick surface. It is difficult to print on or adhere labeling to and is not recyclable or compostable.

Ls Glassine and Wax Paper the Same?

No, glassine is a durable material made 100% from paper, whereas, wax paper is coated with a thin layer of paraffin or soybean-based wax. It is also difficult to print on or adhere labeling to and is not recyclable or compostable.

Are Glassine Envelopes Biodegradable?

Yes, glassine envelopes and glassine bags are 100% biodegradable.

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