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Create Brand Awareness with Customized Ice Cream Paper Cups - Stand Out from the Crowd!

In order to provide a better coffee experience, we have launched a series of high-quality coffee cup accessories.

The exquisite lid effectively seals the cup can maintain the best temperature and freshness of the coffee.

The practical cup holder can provide a stable foundation to prevent cup slipping and accidental overflow.

Our Kraft paper bags are reliable appearance protection, so you can easily carry Coffee cup without fear of spilling.

Finally, paper straws provide an environmentally friendly option that allows you to enjoy coffee in harmony with the natural environment.

These accessories are carefully designed to provide the best user experience. Whether at home or out, these coffee cup accessories are your best choice.

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Paper Cup Lid

Have you ever been troubled by the inconvenience of being unable to carry your coffee conveniently? Now, we have brought you a solution - a new Coffee cup lid!

Our Coffee cup lid is the perfect companion for you to taste coffee. After careful design, our Coffee cup lid is made of high-quality materials to ensure the perfect combination of sealing and durability of the lid. You no longer need to worry about coffee splashing out of the cup or the embarrassment of spilling due to a loose lid.

In addition, our Coffee cup lid has many innovative functions. The specially designed drink design allows you to easily enjoy the delicious taste of every sip of coffee. The convenient straw mouth design allows you to easily taste coffee on the go. Moreover, our cup lid has undergone careful thermal resistance design, ensuring that your coffee can maintain temperature for several hours before cooling!










Not only that, we also offer a variety of fashionable and personalized styles and colors for you to choose from, making your coffee moments full of individuality and vitality. You can choose your own style to match your Coffee cup perfectly. Choosing our Coffee cup lid is not only a practical product, but also a lifestyle. Let our coffee lid accompany your coffee time every day, bringing you infinite comfort and convenience.

Hurry up and take action! Buy our Coffee cup lid, let taste and convenience coexist, and enjoy the perfect coffee moment!


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Paper Cup Holder

Do you often encounter troubles when hot coffee or ice drinks cannot be lifted? Now, we are launching a new series of cup holders for you!

Our cup holders are designed to provide you with a stable, convenient, and comfortable dining experience. Whether it's a cup of hot coffee, a cold drink, or a delicious milk tea, our cup holders perfectly match your cup and provide excellent support.

Different specifications of cup holders allow you to choose according to your own needs. We have a cup holder with a hole that is suitable for single cup use, whether it's busy working hours or leisure reading time. Our two hole cup holders make it easy for you to enjoy with two different flavors of beverages. In addition, we also have cup holders with four holes, six holes, and eight holes, which are more suitable for friends to taste different flavors of drinks together.

Our cup holders are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and durability. Our cup holder surface also features a unique anti slip design to prevent the cup from slipping during use, providing you with a more secure user experience and making your dining experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Whether you are in the office, at home, or traveling, our cup holders can bring you the perfect dining experience!

Click on the link to purchase the cup holder specifications you need, so that quality and practicality accompany every drink you have!


Advantages and characteristics of cup holders

The multipurpose and importance of cup holders


The lightweight and portable paper cup holder allows you to easily enjoy coffee, beverages, or other beverages, and can be satisfied at any time and place.

The paper cup holder is made of high-quality paper material, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and meets hygiene standards to ensure your health and safety.

The cup holder has a porous design that can firmly maintain the stability of the paper cup, prevent the cup from tilting or overflowing, and reduce waste and inconvenience.

Coffee takeaway

Whether you are walking around outside the coffee shop or driving a car, the paper cup holder can keep your Coffee cup stable, avoid spilling and scalding, and make takeaway coffee more convenient and safe.

Party activities

Whether it's family gatherings, birthday parties, or company events, porous paper cup holders can easily carry multiple drinks, providing convenience and comfort for guests and attendees.

Restaurant use

In fast food chains, cafes, and restaurants, paper cup holders are important accessories in the catering industry. It can improve service efficiency, reduce customer waiting time, and ensure the quality of drinks.




Kraft Paper Bag

Our customized Kraft paper bags are made of high-quality Kraft paper materials. Through fine handicrafts and strict quality control, each bag has excellent quality and durability.

Kraft paper bags have replaced many plastic packages. Kraft paper products are more suitable for fast food, hot and greasy dishes, and bulk products. Compared with other packaging bags, our Kraft paper bags have the advantages of safety, heat resistance, deformation resistance, good air permeability and practicality. Our Kraft paper bags do not contain bleach and dyes, so they are safer. And it can also be used to heat food in a microwave oven. Kraft paper bags have no "plastic" or other odor; And the tactile sensation of human skin is more comfortable than polyethylene.

We can provide you with customized service of degradable paper bags, which also includes free design, free samples, and 1-to-1 24-hour dedicated service.

Advantages and characteristics of Kraft paper bags

High quality materials

The Kraft paper materials we use have the characteristics of wear resistance, waterproof and tear resistance to ensure that the bags can be used for a long time without being easily damaged.

Custom design

We support personalized design based on customer needs, including size, color, printing, and decoration, to ensure that the bag can perfectly showcase your brand image.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Kraft paper is a natural material, which can be recycled and degraded, and meets environmental requirements. Use our Kraft paper bags to show your image of being responsible for the environment.

Our customized Kraft paper bags are made of high-quality Kraft paper materials. Through fine handicrafts and strict quality control, each bag has excellent quality and durability.


Paper Straw

Choose paper straws that are environmentally friendly, safe, creative, and practical. Let's jointly promote green living and fulfill our responsibility for the earth. Choose a paper straw to inject more love and care into every drink!



Advantages and characteristics of paper straw

Environmental sustainability

Choose paper straws to contribute to environmental protection! Our paper straws are made of natural pulp material, which is completely biodegradable and has zero pollution to the environment. Let's embrace a green life together and choose sustainable paper straws!

Safety and Health

Health starts with straws! Our paper straws undergo strict hygiene testing and production processes to ensure that they are non-toxic and harmless, allowing you to enjoy a safe drinking experience with peace of mind. Don't worry about the harmful substances that plastic straws may release, choose paper straws for your and your family's health.

Creative Design

Personalized customization, unique! We offer paper straws in various colors, patterns, and lengths to meet your different taste needs. Whether it's a party or business event, our paper straws can add creativity and fun to your occasion, allowing you to enjoy a unique drinking experience.

Multi functional and practical

Paper straws are not just water absorbing tools! Our paper straws can be used for various beverages, including water, soft drinks, coffee, milk tea, etc. At the same time, paper straws can also withstand certain pressure, allowing you to enjoy heavy drinks such as ice drinks or milkshakes happily. Multi functional and practical, bringing you more convenience and pleasure.

Some QS commonly encountered by customers

Which modes of transport can be supported?

1. Sea transportation: Sea transportation is one of the most common modes of international transportation, which is suitable for the transportation of bulk goods. Shipping can be done in bulk and is cheaper, but it takes weeks or even months to ship.

2. Air transport: Air transport is one of the fastest modes of international transport and is suitable for small quantities and light weights of goods. By air, goods can be quickly delivered to the destination, but the freight is relatively high.

3. Railway transport: Railway transport has gradually become an important mode of transport in the Eurasian land bridge combined transport. By rail, goods can be transported to their destination quickly and at relatively low freight costs.

What's your process for customizing paper cups?

1. Determine the specification and design of the paper cup: It is necessary to determine the size, capacity and design of the paper cup, including the coating color, printing content, pattern and font of the paper cup.

2. Provide the design draft and confirm the sample: the customer needs to provide the design draft of the paper cup, and modify and adjust according to the customer's requirements until the satisfactory effect is achieved. After that, the sample needs to be made and confirmed by the customer.

3. Production: After confirming the sample, the factory will mass produce paper cups.

4. Packing and shipping.

5. Customer confirmation and feedback, and follow-up after-sales service and maintenance.

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Please tell us what kind of ice cream paper cups you are interested in, and advise the size, color, and quantity.

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Making Samples

Upon confirming all the details, We will start making a sample and have it ready in 3-5 days.

Mass Production

We handle the production process carefully, ensuring every aspect is expertly managed. We promise perfect quality and timely delivery.

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