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“Delicious takeout, convenient and eco-friendly!” 

Our takeout paper boxes are upgraded with multiple technologies, featuring an inner PE coating that is waterproof and oil-proof, safe for direct contact with food and odor-free to retain the original flavor of your meals. The foldable snap-on design ensures easy and secure packing without any spills or leaks during transportation. With upgraded materials and enhanced stiffness, our takeout paper boxes can withstand pressure and maintain their shape, keeping your food intact and lasting longer. The perforated edges make tearing off and opening the box effortless, while the multiple sizes cater to different food packaging needs.

Our takeout paper boxes are made from eco-friendly materials that are easily recycled and disposed of, in compliance with environmental protection requirements.

We also offer customization options to tailor the size and design of the takeout paper boxes to your specific needs, providing you with more versatile options in your dining experience.

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Takeout Paper Box

Cardboard, corrugated paper and kraft paper are the most commonly used materials for food takeout boxes. You are free to choose the solution that best suits your situation. Our paper boxes made of high-quality cardboard are healthier and more aesthetically pleasing than plastic ones.

Our paper box has excellent hardness and toughness, which can be a good protection of food, not easy to deformation or damage.

We use food grade environmental protection materials, non-toxic and harmless, so that the box will not affect the quality of food. Moreover, it can be fully recycled and reused, reducing the pollution of waste to the environment, and promoting sustainable development, safety and health. At the same time, our box has good sealing performance.

Our box can be directly used for microwave heating, which is very convenient and fast, reducing the cost of time and energy for consumers. Choosing our microwavable paper take-out boxes, consumers can obtain more safe, convenient, sustainable, high quality and exquisite service experience. And it can meet the needs of consumers and conform to the environmental protection concept of modern society.

Full-color CMYK printing

Food safe ink

Food grade material.

Available in various sizes

Unlimited design options


Q: Does Tuobo Packaging accept international orders?

A: Yes, our operations can be found worldwide, and we can ship products internationally, but there may be an increase in shipping charges depending on your area.


Q: What are the functional advantages of your Kraft paper takeaway packaging?

A: Kraft paper is characterized by high wear resistance, high tensile strength and good water resistance.

Kraft paper packing products have the following advantages and functions:

1. Food protection: kraft paper has high tensile strength, which can well protect the food inside the packaging from damage. At the same time, its water resistance and oil resistance can also effectively protect food and prevent food contamination.

2. Easy to carry: Takeout kraft paper packaging can be convenient to carry food, food is not easy to break, not easy to leak.

3. Heat preservation and heat conduction: kraft paper packaging can maintain the temperature of food very well, avoid food too fast cold or hot.

In addition, our paper takeaway packaging can provide customized printing of the merchant's store name, LOGO services.

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