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Create Your Premium Food Boat Tray

The design of boat shaped serving tray is exquisite and convenient. Due to its unique design, it is easy to stack, and the open design makes it easier to hold and perfectly display delicious food, thereby stimulating customer purchasing desire. Boat food tray are usually made of Kraft paper or white cardboard materials, with food grade coating materials inside, which can be waterproof and oil resistant, and have reliable quality. It can easily resist the penetration of oil, sauce, and soup, and can hold various snacks.

These boat shaped tray are suitable for birthdays, parties, weddings, picnics, holidays, cinemas, licensed stalls, school lunches, backyard barbecues, and other occasions. Boat serving trays are not only popular in the catering industry, but they can also be used for household purposes as storage for small items.

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Product Name

Paper boat tray


Food grade Kraft paper/white cardboard, can come into direct contact with food


Brown, white, customizable



Special features

Disposable, fold-able, sturdy and durable, waterproof and oil resistant


Made of high-quality food grade 250GSM brown Kraft paper/white cardboard material, safe, ensuring sturdy and reliable use

Packaging type


Operating temperature

120 ℃ High temperature resistance

Applicable scenarios

Can be used in various occasions such as picnics, restaurants, travel, and home


Suitable for holding French fries, chicken nuggets, chicken floss, chicken fillets, corn flakes, French fries, fruits, salads, and other snacks

boat tray

Our Most Popular Snack Packaging

Our boat shaped serving tray can easily resist the penetration of oil, sauces, and soups, and can hold a variety of snacks. The product is made of food grade coating material, with reliable waterproof and oil proof quality. Both hot food and cold desserts can be served well. His open design is more convenient for storage.

Versatile, with a minimalist design suitable for various cuisines

Can hold various fried foods such as fried chicken, hamburgers, salads, cakes, pastries, etc.

Innovative design and convenient storage

Creative design, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing design, open hull design, making it easy to store and retrieve physical objects.

Material selection, safety and environmental protection

Food grade materials, environmentally friendly and healthy, safe and hygienic. Direct access to snacks, baked goods, and various types of food.

PE coating, oil resistant

The interior of the food ship is coated with food grade PE film, which has excellent waterproof and oil resistant properties. Let you enjoy food without worrying about spills or oil stains.

Disposable packaging

These small disposable pallets are a better alternative to general plastic food pallets, environmentally friendly, and disposable. Help you save time and effort.

Hot pressing technology, fold-able design

No glue required, integrated molding, firm and reliable. Take and use it as you please, no need to fold it, saving time.

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sushi boat tray.
paper boat food tray1

Unmatched Advantages

Healthy and Odorless

Diverse Specifications

Customize Pattern

Free Samples

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All products are vetted for quality and environmental impact. We are committed to full transparency around the sustainability qualities of each material or product we produce.


Production capability

Minimum order quantity: 10,000 units

Additional features: Adhesive strip, vent holes

Lead times

Production lead time: 20 days

Sample lead time: 15 days


Print method: Flexographic

Pantones: Pantone U and Pantone C

Industry applications



Ships worldwide.

What is the maximum volume or weight your products can hold?

Different packaging materials and formats have unique considerations. The Customisation section shows the dimension allowances for each product and range of film thicknesses in microns (µ); these two specifications determine volume and weight limits.

Can I get custom sizes?

Yes, if your order for custom packaging meets the MOQ for your product we can customise the size and print.

How long does shipping take for custom packaging orders?

Global shipping lead times vary based on the shipping route, market demand and other external variables at a given time.

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People Also Asked:

What are the characteristics of the boat tray for food?

It can easily resist the penetration of oil, sauces, and soups, and can hold a variety of snack products made of food grade coating materials. It is waterproof and oil resistant, with reliable quality. Whether it is stored in the refrigerator or heated in the microwave, it can be easily stored with an open design.

How thick is the Kraft paper boat box?

Our Kraft paper boat is made of paper around 250GSM, which is sturdy and not easy to tear. It can hold various types of food and can withstand high temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius.

do I customize the best sushi boat serving tray with my logo?

1You just need to tell us the customized product requirements you need, we will provide a quotation based on your requirements, and then confirm the design draft. After confirmation, pay a 50% deposit first, and then wait for production scheduling. The products produced will be sent to you for inspection in the form of pictures or videos. Before shipment, pay the final payment and we will arrange for shipment. You can wait for receipt. Confirm the quantity and other details of the goods after receiving them.

Can buying more be cheaper?

Sure. The more quantity, the more cost-effective the unit price., If you have a long-term order, we will apply for an exclusive discount on your next order.

How long is the delivery time? How long will it take to ship?

The production cycle for customized printed packaging products is generally 20-30 days. Arrange shipment within 3 days after production is completed.

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