Custom Burger Boxes

custom paper food packaging

Tuobo Packaging has been specializing in customized paper packaging products for over 10 years. We can customize exclusive packaging boxes according to your specific needs. We have professional certification and multiple production equipment, which are trustworthy. We can support CMYK and spot color hot stamping printing, with a variety of packaging styles and specifications to meet your different needs. We have our own design team and professional after-sales service, which can provide you with free 3D sample displays, timely logistics services, professional Q&A services, and more.

We can provide you with various packaging options such as custom Tart Box, paper lunch box, boat tray, multi grid paper box, custom pizza box, fried chicken box, hamburger box, etc. For more details, you can click on the product link below to view.


Customization steps 1

Online consultation with customer service to provide customized requirements: inform customer service of the required styles, quantities, color specifications, etc. to obtain a quotation.

Customization steps 2

Design modification and finalization, payment to be made: Provide information and documents to customer service staff to create renderings, and after confirming the effects, payment can be made.

Customization steps 3

Arrange factory sampling and production: ship according to the schedule, wait for production to ship according to the schedule.

Customization steps 4

Confirm receipt: Before confirming receipt, please check the quantity of goods and report any issues within 24 hours.


More Efficient

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About finalization: Due to the special nature of customized products, all manuscripts require customer confirmation before printing. We do not assume any responsibility for any delay caused by your lack of confirmation. In addition, the content needs to be proofread by the client themselves, and the final confirmed manuscript shall prevail. We do not assume responsibility for any omissions, errors, patterns, or other errors caused by the customer's lack of careful confirmation.

About the template: As we design it for free, the source version of the source document will not be disclosed and will be kept confidential. To place another order, simply contact customer service to provide a final draft.

About color difference: There may be around 10% color difference(CMYK) in printed colors, and color issues do not support returns. If you have strict requirements for colors, you can contact customer service to place an order for spot color printing.

About after-sales: We will do our best to solve your problem and have a good after-sales service system. We will attach great importance to every question raised by the customer and promptly resolve it, ensuring your satisfaction.