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Personalized Paper Bags Display Brand Image

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Custom paper bags with logo showcases a beautiful and cohesive appearance, making it easy for people to discover where your customers are shopping.

We can provide colored paper bags. They are perfect for all occasions, including holidays, birthday parties, or giveaways. Custom printed paper bags are easy to customize, and you can choose between white Kraft paper or brown Kraft paper. With a convenient twist handle and classic appearance, your brand and logo will attract new audiences.


Kraft paper/white cardboard

Recycling content

100% recycled Kraft paper fiber, 95% post consumption waste paper fiber

Material characteristics

Food safety certification, no plastic, synthetic adhesive


Flat transportation, convenient for handling and storage, twisted paper handle with square bottom structure


Made in Guangdong, China

Bag colors

Brown, white, customized

Printing colors

CMYK, Pantone color scheme (PMS) available for selection

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Why Purchase Customized Paper Bags with Logo

Customized paper bags are perfect for increasing your brand awareness. Your customers will also be more loyal to your brand because they can visually see that you have put in extra effort. According to different business needs, personalized paper bags have multiple uses.

Trade exhibitions and other sales or promotional activities.

Giving gifts during festivals or celebrations.

Business conferences and seminars.

Restaurant, coffee shop, or takeout.

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What Are the Common Uses of Logo Paper Bags

Paper bags are a common packaging tool with a wide range of uses, not only meeting people's daily shopping, packaging, storage and other needs, but also playing various roles such as environmental protection and publicity. I believe that with the deepening of environmental protection concepts, the uses of paper bags will become more diverse and will be more widely used.


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Paper grocery bags

The most common use of paper bags is as shopping bags. When we go shopping at the supermarket, we often choose to use paper bags to hold the purchased goods. Compared to plastic bags, paper bags are more environmentally friendly.

Food paper bags

In addition to being used as shopping bags and gift packaging, paper bags can also be used as food packaging. In fast food restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, and other places, we often see paper bags used to package bread, cakes, fast food, and other foods. The paper of paper bags is relatively sturdy and can effectively protect food from deformation.

Reusable paper bags

Some paper bags are designed in a foldable form and can be used to store small items such as clothes, books, stationery, etc. These paper bags not only provide convenient storage space, but also keep stored items dry and ventilated.

Biodegradable paper bags

With the development of e-commerce, the express delivery business is becoming increasingly prosperous, and paper bags have become an important choice for express packaging. Express delivery personnel usually use paper bags to hold goods during delivery, as paper bags are lighter and more environmentally friendly, in line with modern people's pursuit of environmental protection.

Paper gift bags

Paper bags are also often used as gift packaging. At various festivals or birthday parties, we usually use paper bags to package gifts, which is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. The appearance of the paper bag can be customized and printed, and can be designed according to different holidays or occasions to enhance the aesthetics of the gift.

Colorful paper bags

In addition to practicality, paper bags can also be used for interior decoration. People can use colored paper bags to make various handicrafts, such as flower baskets, pendants, handbags, etc., to decorate their homes or as handmade gifts.

Branded paper bags

As an environmentally friendly product, paper bags themselves are a promotion of environmental protection concepts. Many companies choose to customize their logos and advertising slogans to be printed on paper bags, in order to promote the dissemination of environmental protection concepts.

Paper trash bags

Another common use of paper bags is as garbage bags. Due to its good load-bearing capacity and durability, paper bags can be used as garbage bags to store waste paper, plastics, textiles, and other waste for classification and disposal, which is beneficial for environmental protection and waste disposal.

Advantages of Customized Paper Bags

Whether you are planning promotional activities or need solutions for daily business use, customized paper bags can provide assistance in various ways. When you want to add additional embellishments to let people know that your method is very professional, paper bags can create miracles. Customized paper bags can convey a lot of information about your brand and its representatives.

Help you spread information

Multiple sizes available for selection

Select high-quality paper materials

Durable twisted handle

Full color and double-sided printing

Multi functional and practical bag

Lightweight and easy to carry

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Tuobo Packaging is such a trusted company that assures your business success in a short time by providing its customers with the most reliable Custom Paper Packing.We are here to help product retailers in designing their own Custom Paper Packing at very affordable rates. There would be no limited sizes or shapes, neither design choices. You can choose amongst number of choices offered by us. Even you can ask our professional designers to follow the design idea you have in your mind, we’ll come up with the best. Contact us now and make your products familiar to its users.


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All products are vetted for quality and environmental impact. We are committed to full transparency around the sustainability qualities of each material or product we produce.


Production capability

Minimum order quantity: 10,000 units

Additional features: Adhesive strip, vent holes

Lead times

Production lead time: 20 days

Sample lead time: 15 days


Print method: Flexographic

Pantones: Pantone U and Pantone C

Industry applications



Ships worldwide.

What is the maximum volume or weight your products can hold?

Different packaging materials and formats have unique considerations. The Customisation section shows the dimension allowances for each product and range of film thicknesses in microns (µ); these two specifications determine volume and weight limits.

Can I get custom sizes?

Yes, if your order for custom packaging meets the MOQ for your product we can customise the size and print.

How long does shipping take for custom packaging orders?

Global shipping lead times vary based on the shipping route, market demand and other external variables at a given time.

Our Ordering Process

Looking for custom packaging? Make it a breeze by following our four easy steps - soon you’ll be on your way to meeting all your packaging needs!You can either call us at 0086-13410678885 or drop a detailed email at Fannie@Toppackhk.Com.

Customize Your Packaging

Choose from our vast selection of packaging solutions and customize it with our wide range of options to create your dream packaging.

Add to Quote and Submit

After customizing your packaging, simply add it to quote and submit quotation to be reviewed by one of our packaging specialists.

Consult with Our Expert

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Production & Shipping

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People Also Asked:

What should be noted when customizing paper bags?

When purchasing wholesale paper bags, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

1. Quality and Materials

2. Cost

3. Multiple customizations available for selection

4. Shipping or delivery time

5. What needs to be used for packaging

Once you have sorted out these factors, you can easily find the ideal bag that suits your business.

What makes custom paper bags so outstanding?

From company events to shopping centers, from restaurants to farmers' markets, and various special occasions, custom paper bags with logos can be seen everywhere. Personalized paper bags extend customer engagement and brand awareness beyond specific events, dining, or transactions. In addition, customize and print Di bags to share your information with everyone nearby, further spreading your good brand.

Is custom printed paper bags better than plastic bags with logos?

Due to the flat bottom and diagonal braces on the sides, personalized paper bags typically provide stability that custom plastic bags cannot provide. For high-end restaurant takeout and boutique shopping, flat bottomed custom printed paper bags add a structural and elegant touch, allowing your brand or business to stand out.

How should I design custom paper bags?

Whether you are looking for gift bags or attending trade shows, choosing how to design paper bags is crucial. Design can be a challenging process, and if you need any help, our customer assistance team is always at your service to get advice on designing perfect paper bags for your business.

Are all the paper bags the same?

There are many types of paper bags, various types of paper materials, and many styles.

According to material, it can be divided into: white cardboard paper bags, whiteboard paper bags, copperboard paper bags, Kraft paper bags, and a small amount of special paper manufacturing.

White cardboard: White cardboard is strong and thick, with high stiffness, durability, and smoothness. The paper surface is flat, and the commonly used thickness is 210-300 grams of white cardboard. The most commonly used is 230 white cardboard. The paper bag printed on white cardboard has a full color and excellent texture, making it your preferred choice for customization.

White Kraft paper: White Kraft paper has high burst resistance, good toughness, high strength, uniform thickness, and stable color image. According to relevant national regulations, supermarkets are restricted from using plastic bags, as well as the trend of promoting the use of environmentally friendly paper bags in foreign countries, Europe and America. Plastic pollution is strictly controlled, and plastic bags will be replaced by environmentally friendly paper bags. The market prospects for white Kraft paper are promising. Made of 100% pure wood pulp, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, it can be recycled and reused. White Kraft paper has good toughness and does not require lamination. It is widely used to make environmentally friendly clothing handbags, high-end shopping bags, etc. The commonly used thickness is 120-200 grams of white Kraft paper, which lacks brightness and gloss. White Kraft paper is not suitable for printing content with too much ink.

Kraft paper: also known as natural Kraft paper. It has high tensile strength, toughness, and is usually brownish yellow in color. It has high tear resistance, rupture strength, and dynamic strength, and is widely used in shopping bags, envelopes, and other materials. The commonly used thickness is 120-300 grams of natural Kraft paper. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing single or dual color and non complex color manuscripts. Compared to white cardboard and white Kraft paper box copperplate paper, yellow Kraft paper has the lowest price.

Can paper bags be recycled?

Paper bags are recyclable waste, also known as household waste that can be recycled.

Can I use these paper bags to purchase food?

Sure. We classify food grade paper bags and household paper bags based on the customer's usage. When customers need to use it for food, we can provide food grade packaging paper bags.

Is paper bags more sustainable than plastic bags?

Compared to plastic bags, paper bags are more environmentally friendly because they can be recycled and recycled, and their manufacturing process has a smaller impact on the environment. Paper bags also have good breathability and moisture absorption, and are less likely to cause environmental pollution.

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