Custom Biodegradable Ice Cream Cups

Eco-Life: Personalize Your Treats with Custom Biodegradable Ice Cream Cups!

The biodegradable custom ice cream paper cups provide an environmentally friendly and personalized choice. These cups are typically made of biodegradable materials such as paper, starch, or PLA (polylactic acid), reducing negative environmental impacts.

PLA cup is a biodegradable plastic made from plant materials. They are similar to traditional plastic cups, but can decompose faster. PLA cups have the characteristics of good transparency and durability, making them suitable for various ice creams or desserts. In addition, PLA cups can be personalized printed to enhance your brand image.

Custom design full color & LOGO acceptable

Available in various sizes: 1oz- 38oz (45ml- 1100ml)

Minimums as low as 10,000 pieces

Food grade paper materials: Safe and Environmentally friendly

Service: Careful, patient, and professional.

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WHY Choose Our Degradable Cups?

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and attention to health, the demand for biodegradable paper cups is gradually increasing. Consumers are more willing to choose products that are environmentally friendly and healthy and safe. Biodegradable paper cups will be more widely promoted and applied in various industries, such as catering and retail.


Environment protection

Biodegradable paper cups have minimal impact on the environment. Compared with traditional plastic cups or foam cups, biodegradable paper cups are easier to decompose in the natural environment, reducing pollution to soil and water sources.

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Available in various sizes

Our biodegradable custom ice cream paper cups come in multiple sizes to choose from.

Small cups: 1oz/2oz/3oz/4oz/5oz/6oz/7oz;

The medium cup: 8oz/9oz/10oz/12oz/16oz/18oz;

Large cups: 20oz/24oz/32oz/34oz/38oz.

CMYK printing

The CMYK can accurately display and restore the colors in actual images, ensuring the clarity and readability of the pattern and text.

CMYK full allow full-color printing of the biodegradable ice cream cups. You can freely choose and mix almost any number of colors when designing the perfect cup design without paying any additional fees.


Low MOQ& Large discounts

We can provide ice cream cups with a minimum order quantity of 10000 and 30000 sets. The more the quantity, the greater the discount you can get!

Health and safety

The degradable paper cup does not contain harmful substances and will not produce toxic gases during use. In contrast, some plastic cups may release harmful chemicals to health.

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Wide range of partners

We have customers from regions such as the Americas, Oceania, Africa, and Europe.

Made in China: Enjoy a dual discount of high quality and low price!

Brand image

For enterprises, using degradable paper cups can enhance their environmental image, meet consumer demand for sustainable development, and increase market competitiveness.

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High cost-effectiveness

Our ice cream cups have clear printing and intact cup shape, which is not easily deformed. And we can provide you with professional sales and after-sales services, ensuring that the design is accurate and perfect, and doing our best to satisfy you. 

Action is better than heart beating! Leave your needs immediately, and soon there will be a one-on-one customer service professional to serve you. Choose our custom ice cream cup to create the best container for your delicious ice cream!

Popular Occasions

Customized degradable ice cream cups are suitable for various activities and occasions, especially those that focus on environmental protection and sustainable development.

Environmental activities

In environmental activities, green exhibitions, sustainable development forums, and other occasions, customized degradable ice cream cups can showcase the company's environmental responsibility and sustainable development concept, which has received widespread attention and appreciation.


Wedding activities

Customized degradable ice cream paper cups can not only add a romantic atmosphere to newcomers, but also convey attention and protection to the environment to guests at wedding banquets, parties, and other occasions.


Market and Exhibition

 Carrying custom degradable ice cream paper cups at market, exhibition, food festival and other gatherings can attract customers' attention, convey the green brand image of businesses, and attract popularity and sales.

Coffee shops and ice cream shops

Using custom degradable ice cream cups in coffee shops and ice cream shops can leave an impression of environmental awareness on consumers, increase customer satisfaction, and align with the company's brand image.


Schools and kindergartens

Using custom degradable ice cream cups in school and kindergarten activities can educate children on the importance of protecting the environment and cultivate their environmental awareness.

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Characteristics of Degradable Cups

Biodegradable ice cream paper cups have become a more sustainable and consumer friendly choice due to their environmentally friendly, healthy, safe, and recyclable characteristics.

How to Choose the Best Quality Paper Ice Cream Cups?

Environmentally friendly

The degradable paper cup is made of renewable pulp material, which has lower carbon emissions and energy consumption. Compared to traditional plastic cups, degradable paper cups are easier to degrade and decompose in the natural environment, leaving no long-lasting residue in soil or water sources. This environmentally friendly characteristic helps to reduce soil and water pollution.

The manufacturing process of paper cups requires lower energy consumption than plastic cups, and the source of pulp can be adjusted based on the abundance of renewable resources, further reducing environmental impact.


Health and safety

Biodegradable paper cups do not contain harmful substances and do not release chemicals that are harmful to human health during use. In contrast, some plastic cups may release small particles during heating, which can be inhaled by people and have negative effects on health.

Some studies have shown that when using plastic cups, hot liquids (such as hot coffee or tea) may cause certain chemicals (such as BPA) in the plastic to seep into the drink, while biodegradable paper cups do not have this problem. It can ensure the provision of high-quality and flavorful beverages to consumers, improving consumer satisfaction.



Biodegradable paper cups can be recycled, further reducing resource waste. Under appropriate conditions, paper cups can be recycled to produce pulp, which can be used to manufacture new paper cups or other paper products.

In terms of cup recycling and reuse, some countries and regions have implemented large-scale cup recycling plans and established recycling systems to convert recycled cups into new pulp materials through the paper-making process and use them to manufacture new paper products.

Some QS commonly encountered by customers

How to customize my personalized ice cream paper cup?


1. Determine the specification and design, including size, capacity and so on.


2. Provide the design draft and confirm the sample.


3. Production: After confirming the sample, the factory will produce paper cups for wholesale.


4. Packing and shipping.


5. Confirmation and feedback by customer, and follow-up after-sales service and maintenance.


What is your minimum order quantity of custom cup?


Are samples supported? How long will it be delivered?

Support sample service. It can be arrived in 7-10 days by express.

How long will it take to ship?

Different modes of transport have different transport time. It takes 7-10 days by express delivery; about 2 weeks by air. And it takes about 30-40 days by sea. Different countries and regions also have different transportation timeliness.

Do you have a lid in your ice cream cup?

Yes, sure, dear. We can match customized paper lids according to customer needs. Our 68mm/75mm/85mm/90mm/95mm caliber ice cream can be provided with a spoon in paper lid, making it more convenient and hygienic for your customers to enjoy ice cream. Make your branded of ice cream leave a better impression on customers.

Working with Us: A Breeze!

1. Send Inquiry & Designs

Please tell us what kind of ice cream paper cups you are interested in, and advise the size, color, and quantity.

Review Quote & Solution

We will provide a precise quote tailored to your unique needs within 24 hours.

Making Samples

Upon confirming all the details, We will start making a sample and have it ready in 3-5 days.

Mass Production

We handle the production process carefully, ensuring every aspect is expertly managed. We promise perfect quality and timely delivery.

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