Custom Ice Cream Paper Cone

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The custom ice cream paper cone is a convenient, environmentally friendly, and popular way of packaging ice cream. It is not only convenient for customers to consume, but also has advantages in environmental protection and marketing. It is an ideal choice for both ice cream shops and event venues.

It is suitable for various occasions, such as ice cream shops, street stalls, children's gatherings, events and celebrations, etc. It provides a convenience for ice cream consumption. The conical design provides good stability for the paper cone, allowing it to remain three-dimensional when placing ice cream.

It is usually made of food grade paper material to ensure food safety and hygiene.

The custom ice cream paper cone is simple and can be used for mass production and packaging using packaging machines. Various attractive patterns and brand logos can be printed on the paper cone to enhance the visual appeal of the product and increase brand awareness.

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Ice Cream Paper Cone Specification

Customized ice cream cones bring endless possibilities to your ice cream brand. It provides you with a unique and personalized way to showcase your ice cream brand or event. Whether you are an ice cream shop, coffee shop, or hosting a party, our customized paper cones can perfectly meet your needs.

Firstly, the ice cream paper cone can provide a direct visual effect. Customized ice cream cones can help you showcase your brand logo, slogan, pattern, or any other personalized design. They will become the best combination and brand endorsement for your specialty ice cream, attracting attention and setting your ice cream apart from many competitors.

Secondly, the ice cream paper cone can also enhance customers' dining experience. Our paper cones are made of high-density paper, which has good stability and leak proof effect. They are sturdy and durable, not easily deformed, allowing your ice cream to showcase its delicacy to the fullest.

In addition, our customized ice cream paper cone is also combined with environmental protection concepts. We use renewable materials to ensure that the paper paper cone can be completely decomposed after use. This can convey your environmental awareness to customers and enhance brand image.

Finally, the custom ice cream paper cone also has good marketing and promotional effects. You can add coupons, promotional messages, or instant QR codes on the paper paper cone to encourage customers to come back. This interactive approach will stimulate customers' purchasing desire and increase sales volume.

Advantages and Features

The conical ice cream tube can provide customers with a better ice cream consumption experience!


Convenient to use

The conical design is more in line with people's handheld posture when eating ice cream, making it convenient for customers to hold and enjoy ice cream.

Strong stability

The conical bottom is relatively wide and has a large contact area, which can provide better stability and prevent ice cream from tilting or sliding out.

Space saving

Compared to flat bottomed paper tubes, conical ice cream paper tubes occupy less space during storage and display, making them easier to place and display.

High aesthetics

The conical design is often considered more aesthetically pleasing, giving people a fashionable and exquisite feeling, suitable for various occasions and activities. The rich colors and patterns make your product more attractive and visible in appearance.




The conical ice cream paper tube can be customized according to needs and preferences, including size, color, printing, etc., to meet personalized needs. Design unique colors, patterns, and printing to create a unique ice cream paper cone. The paper cone can be personalized and customized, such as printing the brand logo and design patterns of merchants, which helps with brand promotion and marketing.

Brand promotion

By increasing brand exposure and attracting more customers, the brand image is highlighted. Customized ice cream paper tubes can enhance brand image and promotion.


Suitable Occasions and Crowds

Customized ice cream paper tubes are suitable for various occasions and crowds. Whether it's enhancing the brand image, adding personalized fun to the event, or attracting more customers, customizing ice cream cones is a very attractive choice!

Ice Cream Shop


Customized ice cream tube is the ideal choice to showcase your brand logo to customers. It can strengthen your brand image and differentiate it from other ice cream stores.

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If you run a caf é and offer ice cream, customizing ice cream cones can help you increase the visibility of your product and attract more customers to purchase. It can also combine your coffee shop and ice cream brand to create a unique experience.

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Catering activities


Whether it's weddings, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, or other special events, customized ice cream cones are a popular choice. It can add personalized elements to your event and provide guests with a unique and unforgettable delicious experience.

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Brand promotion activities


Customized ice cream tube is an effective brand promotion tool. You can print the company logo, advertising slogan, or any other important information on the paper tube. In this way, your brand will be communicated to more potential customers along with ice cream.

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Children's gatherings


Children usually have a great interest in ice cream. Providing them with customized ice cream cones can increase fun and interactivity. You can add their favorite cartoon characters or game elements to the paper tube to make them love your ice cream even more.

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Some QS commonly encountered by customers

How to customize my personalized ice cream paper cup?


1. Determine the specification and design, including size, capacity and so on.


2. Provide the design draft and confirm the sample.


3. Production: After confirming the sample, the factory will produce paper cups for wholesale.


4. Packing and shipping.


5. Confirmation and feedback by customer, and follow-up after-sales service and maintenance.


What is your minimum order quantity of custom cup?


Are samples supported? How long will it be delivered?

Support sample service. It can be arrived in 7-10 days by express.

How long will it take to ship?

Different modes of transport have different transport time. It takes 7-10 days by express delivery; about 2 weeks by air. And it takes about 30-40 days by sea. Different countries and regions also have different transportation timeliness.

Working with Us: A Breeze!

1. Send Inquiry & Designs

Please tell us what kind of ice cream paper cups you are interested in, and advise the size, color, and quantity.

Review Quote & Solution

We will provide a precise quote tailored to your unique needs within 24 hours.

Making Samples

Upon confirming all the details, We will start making a sample and have it ready in 3-5 days.

Mass Production

We handle the production process carefully, ensuring every aspect is expertly managed. We promise perfect quality and timely delivery.

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