Ice Cream Cup with Paper Lid Custom

Elevate Your Ice Cream Brand Image with Our Sustainable and Stylish Paper-lidded Cups!

Introducing our newest addition to your dessert lineup: the Ice Cream Cup with Paper Lid! Not only will your customers go crazy for the rich and creamy taste of your ice cream, but they'll also appreciate the eco-friendly packaging. Our cups are made from sturdy paper material and come with a perfectly fitted lid to prevent any drips or spills. The simple and elegant design of these cups will elevate the presentation of your desserts and keep your customers coming back for more.

Custom design service: Customized LOGO and full color printing acceptable

Available in various sizes: 45ml- 1100ml

Minimums as low as 10,000 pieces

Always Get quoted on Factory Price

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Custom Ice Cream Cups with Paper Lids

Our ice cream paper cups with paper lids offers a convenient, eco-friendly and stylish way to serve frozen desserts. The durable paper material maintains its shape and helps keep the ice cream cold. Perfect for ice cream shops, cafes, and food trucks looking to provide a sustainable and high-quality dessert experience. Order now and impress your customers!


68mm Ice Cream Lid

Suitable for 3oz 4oz 6oz ice cream paper cup.

Gold pattern printing brings elegant and professional impression.


74mm Ice Cream Lid

Suitable for 3.5oz 5oz ice cream paper cup.

Small paper cups are more attractive when paired with elaborate lids.


97mm Ice Cream Lid

Suitable for 8oz 10oz 12oz 16oz ice cream paper cup.

Support different taste printing needs.


116mm Ice Cream Lid

Suitable for 28oz 32oz 34oz ice cream paper cup.

Good quality and food grade material,l custom print.


Stackable 68mm Ice Cream Lid

Easy to stack, save space

Stackable design of lid bring lots of convenience for you.


Stackable 116mm Ice Cream Lid

Easy to stack, save space

Special design makes products neat to stack and not easy to collapse.

Ice Cream Cup with Paper Lid Specification

Our ice cream cups with paper LIDS are made of environmentally friendly and food grade material, which are safe to use. Personalized design, beautiful appearance can help to increase customer appetite. Our cups and LIDS are made of biodegradable materials and meet environmental standards. We do our part to protect your business image and the environment.

Our paper ice cream cups with paper LIDS are a high-end, stylish and eco-friendly choice! The paper cup is made of high quality paper material, which has been carefully made with solid texture and is not easy to deform. The paper cup lid can be tightly covered on the cup, which can well protect the ice cream from outside pollutants, so as to ensure the fresh taste of the ice cream. In addition, we can carry out color printing or trademark printing according to your requirements, so that your brand can be better displayed and help you to carry out effective brand promotion.

In addition to ensuring that ice cream stays fresh and delicious, paper ice cream cups with paper covers can also reduce the burden on the environment, allowing people to enjoy delicious ice cream while protecting the planet!

Accepted vector file types:

-Al or EPS (Adobe lllustrator)
-PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

Our lids have various size from 68mm—102mm. Following are some of samples for your reference:

Lid Material (PE coating) Packing size(cm) Packing number
68mm 300g food grade double coated paper 59.5*36.5*57.5 2000pcs/carton
74mm 300g food grade double coated paper 59*31.5*39 1000pcs/carton
97mm 300g food grade double coated paper 59*42*53 1000pcs/carton
116mm 300g food grade double coated paper 62*43*52 600pcs/carton
Stackable lid Material (PE coating) Supporting facilities
68mm Food grade double coated paper 3oz 4oz cup
97mm Food grade double coated paper 8oz 10oz 12oz 16oz cup
116mm Food grade double coated paper 28oz 32oz 34oz cup

Unparalleled Edge We Offer

Purchase from an Factory, Enjoy Competitive Pricing

Environmental protection

We choose environmental protection material, in line with the concept of green development. The product is recyclable, degradable and environmentally friendly.


The factory is located near Guangzhou, and the ports are in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Good location, convenient for transportation and delivery.

Good Quality

Our products have high quality. Paper products have high-end appearance and a good touching feeling, which can be comfort in hand, comfort in eating.

Custom Print

Support printing of multi-color, logo, text and other personalized design and information (e.g. ingredients, website, address, pattern, etc.)

Temperature assurance

Paper products have a certain degree of temperature insulation, can be used for hot or frozen food, and keep food in a constant temperature state.

Mature service

More than ten years of foreign trade service experience. Reply inquiry quickly, timely communication to solve your needs, and provide feasible solutions, to give you satisfactory service.


Factory direct sales. Our custom ice cream cup is cost-effective. We provide ex-factory price.

Safe to use

Selected Materials. The product is non-toxic and odorless, not harmful to human health.

Customization Process


Some QS commonly encountered by customers

What’s your supporting print option?
  • Gold Foiling
  • Silver Foiling
  • Embossing
  • Glossy Lamination
  • Matte Lamination
  • lSpot UV
How are your paper packaging made? Can it be used safely?

Our ice cream cup and paper lids are made of base paper and plastic resin particles. Plastic resin generally uses PE resin. After being coated, the base paper becomes either single-sided PE paper or double-sided PE paper.

PE has the advantages of being non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless. It has reliable hygiene performance, stable chemical performance, and balanced physical and mechanical properties. And it has good cold resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, and a certain degree of oxygen resistance. In addition, it also has advantages such as oil resistance, excellent molding performance, and good heat sealing performance.

Working with Us: A Breeze!

1. Send Inquiry & Designs

Please tell us what kind of ice cream paper cups you are interested in, and advise the size, color, and quantity.

Review Quote & Solution

We will provide a precise quote tailored to your unique needs within 24 hours.

Making Samples

Upon confirming all the details, We will start making a sample and have it ready in 3-5 days.

Mass Production

We handle the production process carefully, ensuring every aspect is expertly managed. We promise perfect quality and timely delivery.

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