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Our Chinese food take out box is a convenient and fast food packaging. It is lightweight, beautiful and practical, eco-friendly, suitable for serving different kinds of food, such as rice, pasta, noodles, fried snacks, crackers and salads. It also has a removable handle for easy portability.

Our disposable paper square bottom takeaway boxes are made of food-grade material and equipped with a safe and hygienic PE coating for reheating food. They have a certain strength and heat insulation ability, helping to protect food from contamination, and are convenient for stacking and storage. 

The Chinese food take out box can also be printed, coated to enhance its appearance beauty and oil resistance, as well as add custom functions such as logos or hooks. And we can provide a variety of sizes with varying depths for your option.

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Chinese Food Take Out Boxes

Innovation and practicality are essential elements of successful takeaway packaging product, which can provide consumers with a quality and satisfying service, as well as an environmental and economic value.

Our Chinese Food Take Out Boxes with novel designs that cater to the current trend of pursuing fashion and innovation and can attract the attention of consumers. For example, a design with a rope can be easily carried by consumers, increasing convenience and practicality. In addition, cute patterns can be printed on the packaging, and some special elements can be added.

The packing materials for our take-out box are safe and hygienic, without any toxicity or danger. It is food grade and can maintain food safety and hygiene under all circumstances.

Full-color CMYK printing

Food safe ink

Food-grade material

Available in various sizes

Unlimited design options


Q: Does Tuobo Packaging accept international orders?

A: Yes, our operations can be found worldwide, and we can ship products internationally, but there may be an increase in shipping charges depending on your area.


Q: How many years' experience do you have in foreign trade?

A: We have more than ten years of foreign trade experience, we have a very mature foreign trade team. You can rest assured to establish a cooperative relationship with us, we will provide you with the most satisfactory service.


Q: Compared with other materials, what are the advantages of paper packaging?

A: Paper is an environmentally friendly, safe, flexible and economical packaging choice, so it is widely used in many fields such as food and daily necessities.

1. Environmental protection: Paper materials can be easily recycled and reused. Compared to other materials, such as plastics, paper materials have less impact on the environment.

2. Customizable: Paper materials are easy to process and cut, so you can easily make packages of all shapes and sizes. In addition, paper materials can be personalized using special coatings and printing technology.

3. Safety and hygiene: Paper materials do not release toxic substances, so it can be safely used for food packaging. Paper materials also have good ventilation and hygroscopicity, which can maintain the freshness and quality of products.

4. Lower cost: Compared to other materials (such as metal or glass), paper materials are cheaper to produce and process, making them more competitive in price.

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