Ice Cream Cup with Wooden Spoon

Scoop Your Way to Customer Satisfaction with Our Eco-Friendly Ice Cream Cup and Wooden Spoon Combo!

Looking for a way to enhance your customers' ice cream experience? Look no further than our Ice Cream Cup with Wooden Spoons!

Made from sustainable materials, the ice cream cups with spoon combo offer a unique and eco-friendly way to serve up everyone's favorite sweet treat.

The charming wooden spoons complement the classic design of the cups, making them an attractive addition to any ice cream stand or dessert bar.

Elevate your customer's ice cream experience with our delightful ice cream cups with wooden spoons!

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Custom Ice Cream Cup with Wooden Spoon

We offer a range of high quality ice cream cups in different capacities, suitable for various occasions and events. No matter what size ice cream cup you need, we can meet your needs and provide the best quality and best service.

Green and healthy

Ice cream cups with wooden spoon are friendly to the environment. The wooden spoon is made of pure natural wood, which is non-toxic and harmless.

Strength and durability

Wood has excellent strength and durability, with a delicate texture and comfortable feel, making it more convenient and comfortable to use.

Beautiful appearance

Ice cream cups with lids and wooden spoons are not only easy to use, but also have beautiful appearance and good texture.

Unique shape

Various shapes of spoons can meet the different needs of consumer and increase the product's selectivity. Spoons combine the functions of forks and spoons, making them very practical.

Enhance the brand image

The thoughtful design and environmentally friendly materials of this paper cup product can enhance the brand image and credibility of the enterprise, increasing consumers’ recognition and trust.


Resistant to deformation

These wooden tableware have been specially treated to make them resistant to moisture and deformation, enhancing the customer experience.

Thoughtful design

Equipped with wooden spoons, it is convenient for consumers to eat ice cream, and it can avoid the waste and pollution caused by using plastic spoons, making it safer than plastic one.

Ice Cream Cup with Wooden Spoon Specification


Our paper ice cream cup with wooden spoon is a high quality, eco-friendly and practical product. Our ice cream cup with spoon design is unique. Paired with spoons and cups, the complete set of ice cream cups allows customers to enjoy a delicious ice cream time easily.

Our spoons come in square and round styles. The cup is made of thick paper material, ensuring it is durable and strong, not easy to deform. The cup is made of environmentally friendly materials, and the edge is designed to roll up, which makes it comfortable to feel. The bottom of the cup is stamped to make the cup more stable and durable. Each cup also comes with a premium wooden spoon for customers to enjoy the ice cream.

Wooden spoons have natural texture and exquisite workmanship, so that you can taste without any odor or impurities. Our paper ice cream cups have different sizes and are coated with a waterproof coating to prevent excessive melting of ice cream resulting in a bad dining experience. In addition, our paper ice cream cups can be customized according to your different needs. Whether it is multi-colour printing, or printing your own brand identity, we can provide professional solutions to meet your requirements.

Ice cream paper cups with wooden spoons are a premium product that adds infinite charm to your ice cream. You can provide your customers with a delicious, convenient and environmentally friendly dining experience in your coffee shop, restaurant, ice cream specialty store, etc.



Applicable Scenarios for Wooden Spoons

Disposable wooden spoons have high applicability and popularity in scenarios such as the fast food industry, takeout markets, picnics and camping, as well as dessert and ice cream shops. Its environmental friendliness, hygiene, and convenience make it the preferred tableware for these scenarios.

Fast food industry

Its environmental friendliness and hygiene make it an ideal choice for the fast food industry.

Delivery market

With the rapid growth of the delivery market, disposable wooden spoons have become one of the commonly used tableware. Delivery food often requires disposable wooden spoons for consumers to use, which has driven the popularity of disposable wooden spoons in the delivery market.


Picnics and Camping

 In outdoor activities, they will not break down when stored at high temperatures. They are easily discarded and combustible, making them a great idea for summer camping takeout.

Dessert shops and ice cream shops

Disposable wooden spoons are suitable for dessert shops and ice cream shops, such as ice cream, ice cream, and jelly desserts. Consumers can easily use disposable wooden spoons to enjoy these foods.



Party gifts

 At your next ice cream gathering, offer these charming eco-friendly spoons as party gifts.



Advantages and Characteristics of a Disposable Ice Cream Wooden Spoon


Environmentally friendly

Wooden spoons are made from natural wood and can be completely decomposed and recycled, without causing pollution to the environment.


Safety and hygiene

After treatment, the surface of the wooden spoon is smooth and flat, without burrs, and will not scratch the lips or oral cavity. The natural antibacterial properties of wood also make it more hygienic.


Comfortable use

The texture of wood is gentle, and it will not feel cold when used, providing a comfortable feel. The shape and size of the wooden spoon are moderate, making it easy to grip and stir the ice cream.


Unique flavor

Wood adds a natural woody aroma to ice cream, making the taste more rich. Wooden spoon has a gentle texture and won't scratch the mouth, making it comfortable to handle. Compared to plastic spoons, wooden spoons are more natural to use and easier to gain people's favor.



Widely used

The wooden spoon is not only suitable for ice cream, but also for desserts such as ice cream, jelly, pudding, and other food mixing and tasting. Wooden spoon is one of the ideal companions for desserts such as ice cream and ice cream, meeting the market's demand for desserts.



Marketing highlights

Using a disposable ice cream wooden spoon can increase the selling point and attractiveness of the product, attracting consumers' attention and purchasing desire.

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Unique shape

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Some QS commonly encountered by customers

How is our wooden spoon making?——Making Process

As a supplier of high quality ice cream packaging, first of all, we usually choose high quality raw materials to make matching wooden spoons. The general choice is natural, hard wood that is not easy to deform, such as white wood, elm, maple and so on.

Next, selecting raw materials for processing.

The selected wood is trimmed to remove surface burrs and then cut to the desired size. Secondly, the wood is further trimmed. Grind the block into a round or other shape suitable for the wooden spoon. After that, the block is extruded into a spoon shape and the sides and insides are polished smooth. Then, non-toxic food paint is used to smear the surface of the wooden spoon to make it waterproof, odorless and ensure its durability. Finally, place the finished spoon in the oven or air to dry to ensure the best quality of the spoon.

In the whole process of processing, we always strictly follow the relevant operating procedures and safety standards to ensure the quality and safety of finished products.

We firmly believe that the quality of the matching wooden spoon can make the ice cream taste better, and can highlight the quality and taste of the brand!

What are the functional advantages of square wooden spoon, round wooden spoon and wooden spork products?

1. Characteristic advantages of square wooden spoon:

- Unique square design makes using it more convenient and comfortable.

- Better access to the corners and edges of the container.

- Easy to place and store, occupy less space.

2. Characteristic advantages of round wooden spoon:

- Simple round design, comfortable feeling.

- Suitable for scooping ice cream, more even taste, not easy to drip.

3 Characteristic advantages of wooden spork tools:

- Practical fork design for easy mixing and blending.

- Fork design can better separate ingredients and prevent them from sticking together.

- Suitable for adding ingredients, mixing ice cream flavors and other operations, more convenient to use.

What are the advantages of a disposable ice cream wooden spoon compared to other materials?

Environmental protection: Disposable wooden spoons are made of renewable natural wood and have less environmental impact during manufacturing and processing compared to plastic spoons. Using a disposable ice cream wooden spoon can reduce the generation of plastic waste and be more environmentally friendly.

Hygiene: Wooden spoons have natural antibacterial properties and are not prone to bacterial growth, maintaining hygiene during use. Compared to metal and plastic spoons, disposable wooden spoons are less prone to deformation and do not have sharp edges, thus reducing potential harm to the user's mouth and teeth.

Natural texture: The disposable ice cream wooden spoon has the natural texture of wood, providing a comfortable touch and a warm and natural feeling. This makes the process of using a disposable wooden spoon more enjoyable.

Multi functional: A disposable ice cream wooden spoon can withstand high temperatures and is suitable for various hot and cold foods, such as ice cream, jelly, yogurt, etc. Its robustness and durability make it more reliable when consuming desserts such as ice cream.

Customizability: Disposable wooden spoons can be customized through engraving or printing, and specific brand or design elements can be added. This makes disposable ice cream spoons an effective tool for brand promotion and promotion.

Overall, compared to other materials, disposable ice cream wooden spoons have advantages such as environmental friendliness, hygiene, natural texture, versatility, and customizability. These characteristics make it one of the ideal tableware choices for both the catering industry and individual consumers.

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