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Hot Coffee Paper Cups Custom | Tuobo

This economical hot coffee paper cup which are perfect for the Home, Office, Cafeteria, Events, and more. Much better for serving hot beverages. Let’s start the winter day with a cup of hot cocoa or black tea~ Made with paper that that is 100% recyclable and environmentally responsible. Designed with a poly-coated lining that resists condensation accumulation increases strength, and provided insulation for a more durable cup. Snap on the lid to keep your cups heated hotter,longer and for a leak-free drinking experience.

Why choose disposable paper cups? Because it’s portable, convenient and more hygienic. Isn’t it a bit uneconomical to use it only once? Never mind, this set of 1 time-use paper cup is even stronger than normal. If desired, the coffee cup can be reused several times. Reusable for short periods of time, this is both convenient and economical for camping out or parties etc.

Tuobo Paper Packaging was founded in 2015, is one of the personalized coffee paper cups manufacturers, factories & suppliers in China, accepting OEM, ODM, SKD orders. We have rich experiences in production & research development for different coffee paper cups types. We focus on advanced technology, strict manufacturing step, and a perfect QC system.

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White Paper Coffee Cup Wholesale in 16oz with Lid

TUOBO disposable paper coffee cups possess a PERFECTLY rolled rim at the opening, which seals shut with our tight-fitting lid to AVOID any leaks. This offers you both peace of mind and increased safety while you are sipping on your favorite warm brew
Avoid juggling with the empty parts of your cup, which feels awkward and can be dangerous. We provide non-skid and firm gripping sleeves with our coffee cups to protect and avoid any BURNING or SLIPPING
We at care about our planet and want it to stay beautiful for you and all future generations. That's why we designed these cups from only RECYCLABLE materials. So that people drink conveniently while their environment stays clean as well! Start supporting recyclable consumer goods today for a better tomorrow
On-the-go: Conscious of the current fast-paced new Modern lifestyle, we’ve designed our cups to tremendously facilitate on-the-go drinking vis our spill-proof.
Perfect for Hot and Cold Beverages: We’ve designed these cups to nicely fit any beverage. Perfect for hot drinks such as Irish coffee, apple cider, herbal tea, green tea, hot toddy, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and hot chocolate! Also perfect for cold drinks: Iced coffee, Iced tea, Starbucks, organic smoothies, soft drinks, cocktails, and vegan shakes.
Perfect for any occasion: The quality and style of these cups made them ideal for any occasion. Use these cups at your next Thanksgiving Family Reunion, Holiday Celebration, New Years Eve party, Birthday Celebration, Fourth of July BBQ, Wedding Party, Baby Showers, Bridal Parties, Bachelors Parties, Camping and Campus Reunions.

Print: Full-Colors CMYK

Custom Design: Available

Size: 4oz -24oz

Samples: Available

MOQ: 10,000 Pcs

Type: Single-wall; Double-wall; Cup sleeve / Cap /  Straw Sold Separated

Lead Time: 7-10 Business Days

Leave us a message online or via WhatsApp 0086-13410678885 or send an E-mail to fannie@toppackhk.com for the latest quote!


Q:What are the ripples in the coffee cups for?
A:Cups tapered sides ensure a comfortable grip and make it easy for customers to hold and transport while on the go.

Q:Can paper coffee cups be heated?
A:Suitable for Hot / Cool Beverages,Temperature from 0℃ to 100℃ (up to 205 degrees F)
Microwaveable: 30s to 60s (with liquid & without lid)

Q:Why choose Topper's disposable coffee cups?
A:Our paper cups are made extra thick and sturdy to ensure that they are durable for everyday use.To go coffee cups made with paper, that is 100% recyclable and ally responsible.

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