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Biodegradable paper coffee cups are harmless to the human body because it is made of sugarcane pulp and other environmentally friendly materials, it does not contain substances harmful to the human body and can be used for a long time with confidence. The product is buried in the soil, and at a suitable temperature, it can be degraded to form carbon dioxide and water after 90 days, without causing pollution to the soil and air. To save resources, sugarcane pulp is a renewable resource, inexhaustible and inexhaustible, while paper cups and plastic cups require a lot of wood and petrochemical products. Using sugarcane pulp as raw material can save a lot of oil and forest resources.

Tuobo Paper Packaging was founded in 2015, is one of the leading biodegradable coffee cups manufacturers, factories & suppliers in China, accepting OEM, ODM, SKD orders. We have rich experiences in production & research development for different coffee paper cups types. We focus on advanced technology, strict manufacturing step, and a perfect QC system.

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The advantages of Biodegradable Paper Coffee Cups

1. Environmentally friendly:

Biodegradable paper coffee cups can be broken down and composted, reducing their environmental impact.

2. Cost-effective:

Biodegradable paper coffee cups are often cheaper than other alternatives such as plastic or ceramic cups.

3. Durability:

Biodegradable paper coffee cups are designed to withstand hot liquids better than non-biodegradable materials, making them a more reliable choice for serving beverages in busy cafes and restaurants.

4. Customizable:

Biodegradable paper coffee cups can be customized with logos or images to promote businesses and special events, adding an extra layer of appeal for customers.

Why Choose Us?

Tobo’s biodegradable disposable paper cups have high-end and novel appearance, green and environmentally friendly materials, and bring a very fashionable texture to your life and work.
Aseptic workshop production and Tuobo’s unique food-grade PLA degradable paper cups are the important reasons why coffee shops choose Tuobo for many beverages.
The paper coffee cups produced by Tuobo can be used as the best container for all beverages such as coffee, milk tea, hot cocoa, milk, beverages, iced drinks and more. Using natural sugarcane pulp material as raw material, through professional technology, it is made into a green, healthy and biodegradable packaging material that is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, high and low temperature, and does not pollute the environment.

Tuobo: Your Best Paper Coffee Cups Supplier

Tuobo, as professional paper packaging manufacturer and wholesaler in China, supplies paper cups with different qualities.

We can provide ODM & ODM service for your brand and paper cups .

If you are Amazon or eBay seller, Tuobo is your best supplier for paper coffee cups and orther paper cups.


All our paper coffee cups are inspected 100% before dispatch.

We always put Quality control as our first priority when manufacturing paper coffee cups.

If there is any defective paper cups, we will replace or refund for you.

If you are looking for paper coffee cups, Tuobo is definitely your best choice, and we offer the best prices for wholesale or in bulk.

Please feel free to order paper cups from us. We are looking forward to working together with you and help you grow your business.

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  • How long does it take for a biodegradable paper coffee cup to decompose?

    A biodegradable paper coffee cup typically takes between three to six months to decompose, depending on environmental conditions.

    Is there any difference between regular and biodegradable paper coffee cups?

    Yes, there are several differences between regular and biodegradable paper coffee cups:

    1. Regular paper coffee cups are made of non-renewable resources such as petroleum, whereas biodegradable paper coffee cups are made from renewable sources like sugarcane or bamboo;

    2. Regular paper coffee cups cannot be recycled or composted due to their plastic lining, while biodegradable ones can be easily broken down into natural elements;

    3. Regular paper coffee cups take up more space in landfills because they don’t decompose quickly, while biodegradable ones break down faster and require less landfill space;

    4. Biodegradable paper coffee cups have a lower environmental impact since they produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than regular ones.

    Does using a biodegradeble paper coffee cup have an environmental impact?

    Yes, using a biodegradable paper coffee cup has an environmental impact. A biodegradable paper coffee cup is made from renewable resources and can be recycled or composted after use, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. Additionally, by using a reusable mug instead of single-use cups, you can help reduce the energy used in creating and transporting disposable cups.

    What are the benefits of using biodegradable paper coffee cups?

    The benefits of using biodegradable paper coffee cups include:

    1. Reduced environmental impact as they are made from renewable resources and can be broken down by microorganisms in the environment.

    2. Lower cost compared to traditional plastic or ceramic coffee cups, making them a more economical option for businesses.

    3. Improved safety for customers due to their non-toxic properties, which reduce the risk of contamination and food poisoning.

    4. Easier disposal as they can simply be thrown away without having to worry about recycling or hazardous waste collection services needed with traditional materials like plastic or ceramic mugs.

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