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Biodegradable burger boxes are containers used to store and transport hamburgers. They provide insulation for hot food items and can help keep them fresh longer. Made from 100% renewable resources, these disposable burger boxs are completely natural, meaning they are dye free, nontoxic and BPA free. In addition to being environmentally friendly and reducing overall waste production, biodegradable burger boxes are also typically cheaper than traditional plastic alternatives making them an attractive option for many businesses looking for cost-effective packaging solutions

We have several burger packaging to choose from, all are eco-friendly. Our burger boxes are great for dine-in or takeout, made from sustainable materials, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Our burger boxes come in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate everything from sliders, to full size burgers and are available in different print and color options.

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Custom Burger Boxes

Custom biodegradable food & burger packaging requires the packaging box to be functional as well as have an appealing appearance to attract customers. This kind of box has a lock lid designed to hold up the food products securely. Lock lid is meant to make it convenient to store food and to carry it as take-away food box. The box design is supposed to fit the fast food like a burger or any food products. You can customize the dimension and colors as per your requirements.


Biodegradable packaging is considered the best box to carry and store your favorite kinds of burgers in an effective way.

If these boxes are designed using Kraft material, they will be recognized as the best suited for the wholesale selling of other food items like this one.

Cardboard Burger Boxes material is also highly durable and proves to be best for delivering burgers as it makes them safe from getting moisture and humidity.

Searching for marvelous designs and ravishing styles for food packaging? If it is so, then Tuobo Packaging is all about wonders and miracles in terms of boxes. Consumers from all over the world can get free design support from TUOBO so that trend doesn’t get old.


Benefits of Using Biodegradable Burger Boxes



1. Reduced environmental impact:

Biodegradable burger boxes are made from natural materials that can break down over time, reducing the amount of non-biodegradable waste in landfills and oceans.

2. Cost savings:

Using biodegradable packaging often costs less than traditional packaging options due to its lighter weight and lower production costs.

3. Increased customer satisfaction:

Customers appreciate when businesses use sustainable products, as it demonstrates a commitment to protecting the environment.


Wondrous Packaging Solutions

Any fast food chain that is selling a variety of burgers must use proper Custom Burger Packaging for their items. Custom Burgers wholesale boxes if printed with high-quality aqueous coating can have more chance to sell out than other ordinary boxes. The printing can be made more persuasive if creative templates are used by experts to give these Custom Burger Boxes a surprising look.

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Tuobo: Your Best Burger Boxes Supplier

Tuobo, as professional paper packaging manufacturer and wholesaler in China, supplies paper cups with different qualities.

We can provide ODM & ODM service for your brand.

If you are Amazon or eBay seller, Tuobo is your best supplier for burger boxes and orther paper cups.


All our burger boxes are inspected 100% before dispatch.

We always put Quality control as our first priority when manufacturing burger boxes.

If there is any defective paper packing, we will replace or refund for you.

If you are looking for burger boxes, Tuobo is definitely your best choice, and we offer the best prices for wholesale or in bulk.

Please feel free to order paper packing from us. We are looking forward to working together with you and help you grow your business.

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  • Advantages of Using Biodegradable Burger Boxes:

    1. Environmentally friendly – they decompose naturally and don’t produce any toxins or pollutants during the process.

    2. Cost-effective – biodegradable burger boxes are often cheaper than traditional packaging materials, such as plastic or paperboard.

    3. Compostable – biodegradable burger boxes can be added to compost piles and will break down over time without releasing harmful chemicals into the environment.

    4. Durability – biodegradable burger boxes are strong enough to hold burgers without breaking apart easily when handled by customers or employees in a restaurant setting.

    Disadvantages of Using Biodegradable Burger Boxes:

    1. Limited shelf life – biodegradables typically have a shorter shelf life than other types of food packaging materials, so they may need to be replaced more frequently depending on how long your products remain in storage before being used up by customers or consumers..

    2. Not suitable for all foods – due to their porous nature, some items may not fare well with biodegradeble material, particularly greasy foods that could leak out onto the box itself over time if stored too long .

    Types of Biodegradable Burger Boxes

    1. Compostable burger boxes made of paperboard

    2. Recyclable cardboard burger boxes

    3. Biodegradable PLA plastic burger boxes

    4. Bamboo fiber burger boxes with bioplastic lining

    What material are biodegradable burger boxes made from?

    Biodegradable burger boxes are typically made from plant-based materials such as paper, cardboard, and bamboo. These materials can be composted or recycled after use.

    How long does it take for a biodegradable burger box to decompose?

    A biodegradable burger box typically takes around 2-6 weeks to decompose, depending on the environmental conditions.

    Are biodegradable burger boxes recyclable?

    Yes, biodegradable burger boxes are recyclable. Depending on the type of material used to make them, they can be recycled in most curbside recycling programs.

    Is there any difference between compostable and biodegradable burger boxes?

    Yes, there is a difference between compostable and biodegradable burger boxes. Compostable boxes are made from plant-based materials that can be broken down in an industrial composting facility into nutrient-rich soil. Biodegradable burger boxes, on the other hand, are usually made from petroleum-based plastic and will break down into small pieces of plastic over time when exposed to environmental elements such as sunlight or moisture.

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