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Biodegradable paper cups derive their name from “biodegrade”. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means they can decay on their own in a non-harmful way. Biodegradable coffee cups decay in the long run.

The friendliness of paper positions it as a choice material for sustainable packaging. Well, the paper will probably decompose within two to six weeks in a landfill. The stronger the cardboard of the item, the longer it will take to breakdown.

Tuobo Paper Packaging was founded in 2015, is one of the leading biodegradable coffee cups manufacturers, factories & suppliers in China, accepting OEM, ODM, SKD orders. We have rich experiences in production & research development for different coffee paper cups types. We focus on advanced technology, strict manufacturing step, and a perfect QC system.

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Features of degradable paper cups

[1] Eco-Friendly Compostable Paper Cups- paper disposable coffee cups are great for hot and cold drinks such as coffee, tea and juices.

[2] PLA Lined-eco-friendly paper 12 oz.coffee cups are PLA lined,making them fully compostable in commercial facilities, so no imprint is left on our planet.

[3] Natural Unbleached Paper- these paper cups are unbleached and made from 100% natural paper. Chemical free and no artificial dyes, these are the natural choice for your beverages.

[4] Ultra Thick Paper- these hot cups are made of specialty thick paper, making it suitable for hot drinks and keeping the cups leak-resistant.

[5] Rolled Rim- its rolled rim provides extra strength and firmness to the cup, and fits all standard 90 mm lids (3 1/2 inches)

[6] Pollution-free: Because it is refined from corn starch and other environmentally friendly materials, it does not contain substances harmful to the human body, so it can be used for a long time with confidence.

[7] Biodegradable packaging materials: The product is buried in the soil, and at a suitable temperature, it can be degraded to form carbon dioxide and water after 110 days, without causing pollution to the soil and air.

[8] Saving resources: Corn starch is a renewable resource, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible, while paper tableware and plastic tableware require a lot of wood and petrochemical products. Using corn starch as raw material can save a lot of oil and forest resources.

[9] High quality: The product has good dense weave, water resistance, oil resistance, anti-penetration, and good high temperature and low temperature resistance, suitable for refrigerator freezing, refrigeration, fresh-keeping food, microwave heating, etc.

Its thick paper wall makes it great as everyday hot coffee cups, hot cocoa cups and hot tea cups. Can withstand temperatures up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for a wide range of beverages.

These unbleached paper coffee cups are free from artificial dyes and are 100% safe, and ECO-Friendly.

The kraft brown color adds an authentic and natural feel.

Tuobo: Your Best Paper Coffee Cups Supplier

Tuobo, as professional paper packaging manufacturer and wholesaler in China, supplies paper cups with different qualities.

We can provide ODM & ODM service for your brand and paper cups .

If you are Amazon or eBay seller, Tuobo is your best supplier for ice cream paper cups and orther paper cups.


All our paper coffee cups are inspected 100% before dispatch.

We always put Quality control as our first priority when manufacturing coffee paper cups.

If there is any defective paper cups, we will replace or refund for you.

If you are looking for coffee paper cups, Tuobo is definitely your best choice, and we offer the best prices for wholesale or in bulk.

Please feel free to order paper cups from us. We are looking forward to working together with you and help you grow your business.

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  • Are biodegradable paper coffee cups recyclable?

    Compostable cups cannot be recycled in the paper and cardboard recycling stream and should be collected seperately for commercial composting. This due to the limitations with separating the lining from the paper fibre.

    How long does it take for a biodegradable paper coffee cup to decompose?

    In a commercial facility, compostable coffee cups decompose in as little as a few days, but typically within a month. This also happens at temperatures exceeding 60ºC (140ºF), within an aerobic environment with the presence of the right microbial organisms.

    What materials are used in the production of biodegradable paper coffee cups?

    The three most commonly used types are polylactic acid (PLA), thermoplastic starches (TPS), and polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). As the ‘poly-’ prefix for each suggests, they’re all long chained polymers formed from simple monomers. Biodegradable polymers are mostly produced from plant-based materials.

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