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Our range of recycled paper coffee cups includes a fantastic selection of disposable cups designed to reduce the impact of these products on the environment.

Disposable coffee paper cups are becoming a serious concern amongst customers and business owners as most standard coffee cups can take up to 30 years to decompose. With so many coffee cups making their way to landfill everyday, it’s time that alternative solutions were made. Here at Tuobo Paper Packaging we offer a collection of disposable recycled paper coffee cups that not only perform and look amazing, but also cause minimal damage to the environment. We offer a wide selection of custom paper cup including patterns, colors, sizes and finishes to suit your business brand image, and can assist with the entire process from design to final production.

Disposable coffee paper cups are made from recycled materials and have less impact on the environment. recycled paper coffee cups are favored by environmental advocates and environmentally conscious customers because they are easier to recycle and reuse than traditional plastic cups. In addition, our cups are made of high quality, food grade pulp material, which is non-toxic and harmless, making them safer and more hygienic. Our paper cups meet the food safety standards at home and abroad and can be used at ease. What’s more, paper cups are light and easy to carry and very convenient to use.

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Recycled Paper Coffee Cups

Recyclable paper cups play an important role for businesses, society and consumers. They not only help to enhance brand image and goodwill, but also reduce environmental pollution and improve ecological benefits.

For businesses, the use of recyclable paper cups can demonstrate their social responsibility, enhance their environmental image, and help they increase customer’s goodwill, and thus improve brand recognition and performance. In addition, using recyclable cups can save costs, reduce tableware cleaning and maintenance expenses, making the business more competitive.

In society, the adoption of recyclable cups is a positive response to the environment, and everyone can make a contribution. People using recycled cups can reduce white pollution, avoid the impact of waste on the natural environment, but also help to promote the recycling of resources, reduce the loss of natural resources.

For consumers, using recyclable paper cups can not only enjoy convenient services, but also help to protect the environment and reduce pollution. Nowadays, more and more consumers are more willing to choose environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable products, so the use of recyclable cups is also in line with consumers' consumption mentality, which can improve the trust of businesses and customer satisfaction.


Q:Why are paper cups so popular with the public?

A: Paper cup has its advantages in convenient use, environmental protection, health, printing and so on, so it is widely used in many occasions.

1. Easy to use: Paper cups are easy to use and handle, and can be thrown away immediately without cleaning, especially suitable for going out, parties, fast food restaurants and other occasions.

2. Environmental concept: Compared with other materials of cups, paper cups are relatively easy to recycle, reuse and dispose of, and can be made more environmentally friendly by choosing the materials of paper cups.

3. Health and hygiene: Paper cups can be degraded naturally, avoiding harmful substances caused by using the re-dried cups, as well as bacteria and viruses remaining in the cups.

4. Easy to print: The paper cup is convenient to print various colors, patterns or trademarks and other information for corporate publicity or brand promotion.


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