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Tuobo packaging is committed to providing all disposable packaging for coffee shops, pizza shops, all restaurants and bake house, etc , including coffee paper cups, beverage cups, hamburger boxes, pizza boxes, paper bags, paper straws and other products.

All packaging products are based on the concept of green and environmental protection. Food grade materials are selected, which will not affect the flavor of food materials. It is waterproof and oil-proof, and it is more reassuring to put them in.

What Are Paper Coffee Cups?


Paper cups are popular in coffee containers. A paper cup is a disposable cup made out of paper and often lined or coated with plastic or wax to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. It may be made of recycled paper and is widely used around the world.

Paper cups have been documented in imperial China, where paper was invented by 2nd century BC, They were constructed in different sizes and colors, and were adorned with decorative designs. During the early days of the 20th century, drinking water had become increasingly popular thanks to the emergence of the temperance movement in the US. Promoted as a healthy alternative to beer or liquor, water was available at school faucets, fountains and water barrels on trains and wagons. Communal cups or dippers made from metal, wood, or ceramic were used to drink the water. In response to growing concerns about communal cups posing a danger to public health, a Boston lawyer named Lawrence Luellen crafted a disposable two-piece cup from paper in 1907. By 1917, the public glass had disappeared from railway carriages, replaced by paper cups even in jurisdictions where public glasses had yet to be banned.

In the 1980s, food trends played a huge role in the design of disposable cups. Specialty coffees such as cappuccinos, lattes, and cafe mochas grew in popularity worldwide. In the emerging economies, rising income levels, hectic lifestyles and long working hours have caused consumers to shift from non-disposable utensils to paper cups so as to save on time. Go to any office, fast food restaurant, large sporting event or music festival, and you’re bound to see paper cups being used.

The Components of Paper Cups

The Lining

What keeps your paper cup from collapsing into a hot, soggy mess once its filled with your beverage of choice? Thatd be the polyethylene lining, made from a common plastic that retains heat and repels liquids. Compostable coffee cups feature a lining made from PLA (polylactic acid), a compostable and biodegradable material. PLA provides a natural, glossy, liquid-resistant barrier. It's heat resistant too, so it's ideal for use with hot drinks.

The Cup

The bulk of your coffee cup is made of wood and bark chips transformed into wood pulp and then processed into paper, which then gets bleached and shaped into cups for your caffeinated consumption.

The Sleeve

The cardboard sleeve puts up a protective barrier between your hands and the scalding-hot liquids in your cup, it is oftentimes made of recycled and recyclable materials.

Different Types of Disposable Coffee Cups

Single Wall

These cups are made of single-layer paperboard and are best suited to cold drinks. If you’re using these to serve hot drinks, it’s a good idea to pair them with a coffee cup sleeve and even a cautionary message.

Double Wall

Double wall designs offer maximum insulation and have immense structural integrity. They’re ideal for hot drinks and are still cost-efficient since customers won’t need a sleeve for hand protection. 

Ripple Wall

This design offers similar benefits to double wall coffee cups and will keep your customer’s coffee hotter for longer compared to single-wall cups. The textured surface of these takeaway coffee cups provides excellent insulation and offers more grip, making carrying hot drinks a breeze, even on cold, wet and windy mornings.

Want to add your logo or artwork to these coffee cups? Get in touch with Tuobo Paper packaging for a free design quote and let us help you create awesome branded coffee cups.  

Tuobo Paper Packaging was founded in 2015, and is one of the leading paper cup manufacturers, factories & suppliers in China, accepting OEM, ODM, and SKD orders.

We have rich experience in production & research development for custom coffee cups. When you work with Tuobo Packaging, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that you walk away satisfied with your order. We take great pride in offering exceptional customer service and support.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! We are here to serve your business.



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