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Takeaway paper coffee cups are a must-have product in our coffee and fast food shops. These cups are super convenient for you to enjoy hot coffee or other drinks wherever you go. With extra focus on hygiene in the workplace now, the stock standard ceramic or glass coffee cups are left in the cupboard. Many businesses are avoiding using reusable coffee cups in order to prevent the spread of germs as well.

We use high-quality cardboard and polyethylene plastic to ensure that you can comfortably hold the cup without it becoming too hot or spilling. Our cups are also a great way to promote your brand by printing your business’s brand, logo or advertisement on the cup to get more attention. Takeaway paper coffee cups are more hygienic and reliable than traditional ceramic or plastic cups, and are loved by customers.

Our cups are affordable and can save businesses a lot of costs. Our Takeaway paper coffee cups will provide clients with a top-notch experience while increasing your brand awareness and sales.

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Takeaway Coffee Paper Cup

Studies have shown that custom cups can gain 33% customer loyalty and higher brand recognition.

Some merchants choose paper cups with their own brand logos for the following reasons:

Paper cup with brand logo can bring benefits to businesses in brand publicity, brand image enhancement, quality level and so on, so more and more businesses choose to use this recyclable paper cup with brand logo.

The paper cup with the brand logo can help the business to promote the brand, so that customers can more easily recognize and remember their own brand. Especially in takeout and other scenarios, businesses often need to promote through various channels while paper cups with logos are a low-cost way of brand promotion.

In a competitive market environment, consumers tend to choose brands that make them feel good, secure and safe. The paper cup with your custom logo can convey the signal that the merchant cares about the customer experience and quality, so as to enhance the consumer's trust and loyalty to the brand.


Q: What size coffee paper cup can you offer?

A: For single wall paper cup, we have 2.5/3/4/6/7/8/9/10/12/12/16/20/22/24 oz cup.

For double wall paper cup, we have 8oz /10oz/12oz/16oz/20oz/22oz/24oz cup.

For ripple wall paper cup, we have 8oz /10oz/12oz/16oz cup.


Q: Where is the double wall paper cup commonly used?

A: Compared with single-layer paper cups, double-layer paper cups have better thermal insulation and feel. They are widely used in coffee shops, tea shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, conferences and exhibitions.

1. Coffee shops and tea shops: Since coffee, tea and hot drinks often require high temperatures, the insulation of double paper cups is useful for guests.

2. Convenience stores and supermarkets: Double paper cups are commonly used to hold hot coffee. Because they have very good heat insulation and strengthen the feel.

3. Hotels and restaurants: Hotels and restaurants often use double paper cups to serve hot drinks because they provide better insulation and a comfortable feel for guests.

4. Conferences and exhibitions: Double paper cups are often used to serve hot or cold drinks at conferences and exhibitions. Businesses and organizations also put their logos or names on the cups.

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