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Tuobo packaging is committed to providing all disposable packaging for coffee shops, pizza shops, all restaurants and bake house, etc , including coffee paper cups, beverage cups, hamburger boxes, pizza boxes, paper bags, paper straws and other products.

All packaging products are based on the concept of green and environmental protection. Food grade materials are selected, which will not affect the flavor of food materials. It is waterproof and oil-proof, and it is more reassuring to put them in.

Why Choose Ice Cream Paper Cups?

Ice cream is a refreshing dessert that is packaged in robust, reliable, and colorful containers, that’s one of the reasons why we recommend paper ice cream cups. Paper cups are slightly thicker than plastic cups, so they're better suited for take-out and to-go ice cream. Besides, there are more lid options for paper cups, and it has more patterns and sizes as well, so if you want to provide a brighter and more attractive choice for customers, then choose paper cups. They are presented in a wide range of design options, allowing everyone to choose the best solution depending on individual preferences.


> Custom Your Ice Cream Paper Cups

The custom paper cups are perfect for frozen desserts and snacks like ice cream, acai bowls, shaved ice and sundaes. And custom printing is an easy and cost-effective way to make a great first impression, and enhance your brand image. You can choose to have wraparound graphics, unique designs, and craving images printed on your ice cream containers in exciting color schemes that are just going to add an extra bit of charm and appeal to all your frozen creams. There is nothing better than going for custom designing if you want to establish your distinct identity in the niche after all! The latest offset and digital printing techniques will ensure every image and design you made is published in the most eye-catching manner. You can also decide to have different cup sizes or more, depending upon your business requirements and have your cups manufactured in the perfect size. By going the extra mile and creating custom paper cups for your merchandise, you’ll be engraving the uniqueness and exclusivity your ice cream possess upon the consumers’ minds. 

> What You Can Achieve with Customized Ice Cream Paper Cups?

Customer acquisition

A stand out ice cream paper cup will attract the attention of potential customers. Different paper cups from competitors make your ice cream products more recognizable among many similarities.

For example, you can print your company's relevant information, and unique graphic images on the paper cups to grab their eyes. The more attractive the design of the paper cup, the more likely customers are to choose such an establishment to enjoy delicious ice cream.

Brand recognition

The more they see your brand, the more they remember you and your products! Imagine this, all your target audience walking around town with your logo printed on their ice cream and dessert paper cups or displaying your distinct ice cream cups to all the coworkers by keeping them at their office desks. Suddenly it becomes more than just a disposable cup, it becomes a billboard. Thus, in a society where every foodie is extremely conscious about the things he eats & drinks, customized packaging solutions can help you stand out as the best ice cream to-go provider they can trust on. 


> Enjoy Perfect Services While Working with Tuobo Packaging

Paper cups are a great choice for ice cream. They are recyclable and safer in comparison to plastic cups and can be found in various sizes and shapes.  This is the best investment to increase your business visibility, attract new customers, and outperform your competitors. You should only contact trusted companies to order high-quality ice cream cups that meet all standard norms and requirements.

With more than 10 years of experience as a supplier, Tuobo Packaging is able to meet custom specifications and requirements from all of our clients. From disposable cups with slotted lids for spoons to double-wall ice cream cups, we’ve got an extensive range of customization options through which you can create something exciting for your ice cream to-go needs.

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