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Tuobo packaging is committed to providing all disposable packaging for coffee shops, pizza shops, all restaurants and bake house, etc , including coffee paper cups, beverage cups, hamburger boxes, pizza boxes, paper bags, paper straws and other products.

All packaging products are based on the concept of green and environmental protection. Food grade materials are selected, which will not affect the flavor of food materials. It is waterproof and oil-proof, and it is more reassuring to put them in.

What are Ice Cream Cups Made out of?

I. Introduction


As an important container for carrying delicious ice cream, the production process of ice cream cups requires careful design and fine craftsmanship. We focus on providing high-quality ice cream cups for global customers, the following will explain the production process of branded ice cream cups in detail for you.


II. How to Made 


The making of a custom ice cream cup begins with the selection of raw materials. We select high quality food grade plastic or paper products as raw materials to ensure product safety and environmental protection. These raw materials are strictly screened and meet the relevant national and international standards, so that customers can enjoy delicious ice cream at the same time, but also rest assured that they can use.

The raw material composition of printed paper cups mainly affects its durability and safety. For example, some paper cups use food-grade paraffin wax as a coating, which is called a waxed cup. However, because the melting point of paraffin wax is low, it is easy to melt in hot water, and it is easy to become hard and brittle at low temperatures, so the waxed cup is generally only suitable for cold drinks. The coated cup uses polyethylene (PE) as the coating, because of the strong heat resistance of polyethylene, this paper cup can be used to hold hot drinks, but also can hold cold drinks or ice cream.

In addition, the material of the paper cup will also affect its thermal insulation performance. Paper cups used for hot drinks are usually made of thick wallpaper material that withstands high temperatures and may be added with a layer of emulsion or other coating to improve insulation. This design ensures that the container does not deform or soak when subjected to high temperatures, thus better maintaining the temperature of the beverage and preventing burns.

In appearance, different materials of personalised ice cream cups are also different. Coated cups usually have a smoother surface, while waxed cups may take on a slightly different texture due to the presence of a wax layer.

It should be noted that although these paper cups differ in material, they are all disposable products, suitable for public places, restaurants, restaurants and other scenes. When choosing thebest ice cream cup, in addition to considering its material and performance, it should also pay attention to its manufacturer and product quality to ensure the purchase of safe and sanitary products.

We always adhere to customer demand as the guide, providing you with high-quality products and thoughtful service. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who can provide you with customized solutions and design suggestions. From design to production, we will work closely with you to ensure that your customized hollow paper cups perfectly meet your expectations and exceed them.

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how to use ice cream paper cups

Design Phase.

Next, we enter the design phase. Designers will design a variety of styles and styles of custom gelato cups according to customer needs and market trends. These designs should be both beautiful and ergonomic, so that customers can hold and eat them easily. In addition, we will also take into account the characteristics of the ice cream, such as temperature, taste, etc., to ensure that the cup will not have an adverse effect on the ice cream during use.

Production Stage

After the design is completed, it enters the production stage. First of all, we use advanced mold making technology to make accurate molds according to the design drawing paper. These molds have high precision and high durability to ensure that the ice cream cups produced are consistent in size and quality.


Molding Process


Then, we put the raw material into the mold and shape it. During the molding process, we strictly control parameters such as temperature, pressure and time to ensure that the product has good molding effect and physical properties. After the molding is completed, the ice cream cup also needs to undergo a series of follow-up treatments, such as polishing, printing, etc., to enhance the beauty and added value of the product. At Tuobo Packaging ,our custom ice cream cups ( like 5 oz ice cream cups) makes it an convenient and efficient packaging choice for both manufacturers and consumers. 


Welcome to choose our single-layer custom paper cup! Our customized products are designed specifically to meet your needs and brand image. Let us highlight the unique and outstanding features of our product for you.

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Quality Test and Packaging


In addition, in order to ensure the health and safety of the ice cream cups, we will also carry out strict quality control during the production process. From the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, each process is strictly inspected to ensure that products meet the relevant national and international standards.

Finally, the finished ice cream cups will be packaged and shipped. We use environmentally friendly and beautiful packaging materials, and put the ice cream cups neatly in the packaging box, which is convenient for customers to carry and store. At the same time, we also provide flexible transportation methods to ensure that products can be delivered to customers in a timely and safe manner.




In short, the production process of  custom printed paper ice cream cups needs to be carefully built and strictly controlled through multiple links. In packaging manufacturing company, we rely on professional technical team and rich industry experience to provide high-quality ice cream cups for global customers. At Tuobo, we are committed to constantly innovating and optimizing our products to meet the diverse needs of our customers, so that the delicious ice cream and the exquisite ice cream cups complement each other.



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