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How to Design Branded Ice Cream Cups?

I. Introduction

Ice cream, which brings people a cool dessert in the hot summer, has become one of the favorite foods of the public. However, in order to make ice cream stand out in the market, in addition to its own taste and quality, the design of printed ice cream cups is also a crucial part. Next, let's explore how to inject innovation and appeal into ice cream packaging design.

II. How to design 

Visual Effects

First of all, the design of customized ice cream cups should pay attention to visual effects. The use of elements such as color, pattern and font should meet the aesthetic needs of target consumers. Bright colors can attract people's attention, and unique patterns and fonts can make people remember at a glance. For example, cartoon animal images can be designed as the custom logo ice cream cups in the children's market, so that they can taste delicious at the same time, but also feel fun.

We always adhere to customer demand as the guide, providing you with high-quality products and thoughtful service. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who can provide you with customized solutions and design suggestions. From design to production, we will work closely with you to ensure that your customized hollow paper cups perfectly meet your expectations and exceed them.

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how to use ice cream paper cups

Environmental Protection

Secondly, the design of ice cream packaging should pay attention to the concept of environmental protection. Nowadays, more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the environmental performance of products. Therefore, when designing custom ice cream cups, recyclable and degradable materials should be used as far as possible to reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, the design of the packaging should also be concise and clear to avoid the waste of resources caused by excessive packaging.

Brand Culture

In addition, the design of ice cream packaging can also be combined with brand culture. Through the pattern, text and other elements on the package, it conveys the concept and values of the brand, and enhances consumers' sense of identity and loyalty to the brand. For example, a brand of ice cream with "family joy" as the theme, the packaging design is full of warm, family elements, so that consumers can buy at the same time, but also feel the brand’s care.

Practicality and Convenience

Finally, the design of ice cream packaging should also take into account practicality and convenience. The size, shape and opening and closing of the package should be convenient for consumers to carry and eat. For example, the design of ice cream packaging with insulation function can allow consumers to enjoy delicious ice cream when they are outdoors. At Tuobo Packaging ,our custom ice cream cups ( like 5 oz ice cream cups) makes it an convenient and efficient packaging choice for both manufacturers and consumers. 


Welcome to choose our single-layer custom paper cup! Our customized products are designed specifically to meet your needs and brand image. Let us highlight the unique and outstanding features of our product for you.

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To sum up, the design of ice cream packaging is an area full of challenges and opportunities. Through innovative design concepts and environmental protection, brand culture, practicality and other aspects of consideration, we can create more attractive and competitive ice cream packaging, so that ice cream in the market shine.


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Post time: Mar-29-2024