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Are you ready to switch to Eco-Friendly coffee cups? Protecting the environment is no longer a trend – it’s a necessity. With these recyclable coffee paper cups, you can reduce your environmental impact while continuing to serve great coffee. Disposable coffee cups are becoming a serious concern amongst customers and business owners as most standard coffee cups can take up to 30 years to decompose. With so many coffee cups making their way to landfills every day, it’s time that alternative solutions were made.

Tuobo Paper Packaging was founded in 2015, with the goal of becoming a “green” paper cup manufacturer of product branding for food and beverage service businesses. We have rich experiences in production & research development for eco-disposable coffee cups. We focus on advanced technology, strict manufacturing step, and a perfect QC system. When you work with Tuobo Packaging, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that you walk away satisfied with your order. We take great pride in offering exceptional customer service and support.

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Recyclable Paper Coffee Cups

Papers can be recycled, but cups made with only paper tend to collapse once saturated by liquid just like paper straws, it isn’t an effective insulator either, so plain paper cups aren’t great at keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Manufacturers solved these problems with plastic-coated lining decades ago, which comes with a new problem: in order to transform the cups into recyclable materials the coating has to be separated.

With continuing concerns around single-use packaging and its impact on our environment, there has been a big shift in the market with increasing demands for sustainable alternatives. Recyclable coffee cups can be made from biodegradable and compostable materials, which break down into their base components over time.

Designed to be commercially compostable, sustainable where possible and include materials like PLA and kraft paper, our recyclable coffee cups are available with bulk discounts. The more you buy, the more you save.

At Tuobo Paper Packaging, we offer custom coffee cups with colors, personalized image printing and size options. You can also order kraft paper coffee cup sleeves for added strength and protection. Whether you are organizing an outdoor festival that serves innovative cocktails, or you own a cafe with wholesome seasonal drinks, our custom paper cups are perfect for any occasion.

Print: Full-Colors CMYK

Custom Design: Available

Size: 4oz -24oz

Samples: Available

MOQ: 10,000 Pcs

Type: Single-wall; Double-wall; Cup sleeve / Cap /  Straw Sold Separated

Lead Time: 7-10 Business Days

Leave us a message online or via WhatsApp 0086-13410678885 or send an E-mail to fannie@toppackhk.com for the latest quote!


Q: What is the lead time for a custom-printed order?

A: Our lead time is approximately 4 weeks, but often, we have delivered in 3 weeks, this all depends on our schedules. In some urgent cases, we have delivered in 2 weeks.

Q: How does our order process work?

A: 1) We’ll provide you a quote depending on your packaging information

2) If you’d like to move forward, we’ll then ask you to send us the design or we’ll design according to your requirement.

3) We’ll take the art you send over and create a proof of the proposed design so that you can see what your cups would look like.

4) If the proof looks good and you give us approval, we’ll send over an invoice to start production. Production will begin once the invoice is paid. We’ll then send you the finished custom-designed cups upon completion.

Q: Can you provide samples?

A: Yes, of course. You're welcome to talk to our team for more information.

Q: Who could benefit from ordering takeaway paper cups?

A: There are several businesses that could really benefit from having recyclable cups including restaurants, coffee shops, tea shops, and corporations looking to add a custom touch to the office disposable cups.

Q: Are recyclable coffee cups actually recyclable?

A: Yes, we all know that the plastic lining of paper-based cups is not easily recyclable or biodegradable, but PLA lining can be a good one. Our recyclable coffee cups are designed to be commercially compostable, and sustainable where possible and include materials like PLA and kraft paper.

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