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Using pink paper coffee cups can make your product or brand stand out more and be more attractive. Their bright color can bring a sense of joy and warmth, making people more willing to experience and consume. Not only that, the eco-friendly material combined with the pink design can meet the modern demand for environmental protection and fashion.

Whether your product or brand belongs to coffee, beverages, desserts or other fields, pink coffee paper cups can well demonstrate the characteristics and brand value of the product in various application scenarios. Coffee shops, tea houses, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc., are very suitable places to use pink paper cups. In addition, pink paper cups can also quickly enhance the image of brands and products and strengthen their promotional effects in various business and brand activities.

On important occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings, etc., pink paper cups can better show their unique romantic and warm atmosphere, allowing customers to receive more emotions and experiences while consuming.

Choosing pink paper cups on these special occasions can not only increase sales but also leave us with beautiful memories. Therefore, whether you are doing business or holding events, choosing pink paper cups can definitely bring you more profits and positive feedback.

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Pink Paper Coffee Cups

Pink paper cups are suitable for women. Pink can bring sweet, warm, soft feeling, in line with female consumers' expectations and psychological needs for soft, warm atmosphere. Pink paper cups are suitable for cafes, drink shops, pastry shops and other shops to increase the desire of female consumers to buy.

Focusing on the warm and soft attributes of pink, consumers can feel warmth and care while enjoying the drink.

These kind of pink paper cups can be used in cafes, drink shops, pastry shops, etc.


Q: Do you support long-term cooperation?

A: Yes,we are very supportive of long-term cooperation. We are always committed to establishing long-term, stable supply chain relations, and grow and develop together with customers. We provide high quality products and excellent service to meet the needs of customers and establish reliable business relations with them. We are also willing to share industry trends and technologies with our customers to promote our common business development. Therefore, if you need a stable paper cups supplier, we welcome long-term cooperation with you.

Q: What sizes of paper cups can you offer?

A: For single wall paper cup, we have 60/90/110/180/200/280/300/250/360/420/520/600/660/700ml cup.

For double wall paper cup, we have 280/300/360/420/520/600/660/700ml cup.

For ripple wall paper cup, we have 280/360/420/520ml cup.

Q: What is the packing number of your paper cups?

A: The number of single wall paper cup is 1000pcs per carton.

The number of double wall paper cup is 500pcs per carton.

The number of ripple wall paper cup is 500pcs per carton.

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