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All packaging products are based on the concept of green and environmental protection. Food grade materials are selected, which will not affect the flavor of food materials. It is waterproof and oil-proof, and it is more reassuring to put them in.

How Do Buyers Choose the Appropriate Size

Ice cream is a popular dessert around the world. Choosing the appropriate cup size is particularly important when selling ice cream. Ice cream cups of different sizes can meet the needs of different customers. That can improve sales and customer satisfaction, control costs and protect the environment. This article will introduce different sizes of ice cream cups and how to choose the appropriate size to help you achieve better results in ice cream sales.

A. Why is it important to choose the appropriate size?

Firstly, about customer needs, different customers have different needs and preferences. Choosing appropriate size can meet their needs and provide a better service experience.

Secondly, it can effectively control costs. Choosing the appropriate cup size can avoid waste and high costs. Furthermore, it can also protect the environment. It also can reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment, in line with environmental protection concepts.

B. How does the size of an ice cream cup affect sales?

Firstly, it affects the sales quota. Different sizes of cups have different prices and capacities. And different cups can be selected based on customer needs and market positioning. Choosing the right cup not only meets customer needs, but also increases sales quotas.

Secondly, it affects the customer experience. Appropriate size can improve customer experience, meet customer needs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Thirdly, it affects cost control. Appropriate size helps control costs, avoid wasting materials and resources, and avoid the impact of high costs on sales.

Therefore, choosing a suitable ice cream cup size is very important. Because it can increase sales quotas, meet customer needs.

Meet Ice Cream Cups of Different Sizes

A.3-4oz paper cups

3/4oz has a smaller capacity. They are suitable for single person consumption or children's consumption. The advantage is that it is easy to carry, cheap, and can be used in various occasions. But, due to its small capacity, it cannot meet the needs of most adults. These sizes are commonly used in places with high demand for ice cream such as fast food restaurants and convenience stores.

B.5-6 oz paper cups

5/6 oz paper cup is suitable for single person consumption or moderate snacks, and can also be used for sample testing. Its capacity and price is moderate. And its applicability is wide. It can meet customers' taste needs without wasting too much. Commonly used in beverage shops, dessert shops, and other occasions.

C. 8-10 ounce paper cups

8/10 oz paper cup is also suitable for single consumption or moderate snacks, but can also be shared by two people. Its capacity is moderate to meet the needs of most people, and the price is relatively reasonable. They can hold more ice cream and ingredients, better meeting customers' taste experience . Commonly used in high-end dessert shops, ice cream chain stores, and other occasions.

D. 12, 16, and 28 ounce paper cups

The 12, 16, and 28 oz paper cups are suitable for sharing with two to four people or for home consumption. And are also suitable for high-volume customers. The price may be slightly higher than smaller sizes. These sizes have a large capacity and can meet the needs of most customers. They are commonly used in high-end dessert shops, independent coffee shops, supermarkets and so on. And it can also meet the needs of family or small friends gathering.

E. 32-34 ounce paper cups

32 or 34 oz paper cups are suitable for group sharing or high-volume customers. It has a very large capacity and is suitable for 4-6 people or teams to consume, meeting the needs of most customers and has a wide range of applications. The price will also be relatively high and the weight will be heavier. Suitable for customers who purchase in small quantities and can meet the needs of large teams or gatherings. They are often used in ice cream shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and other occasions.

Different sizes meet different scenarios, purposes, and audiences. It is necessary to choose the appropriate size based on the actual situation, customer needs, and market situation. Thus, that can provide a better service experience and sales quota. At the same time, it is necessary to choose the most suitable size based on one's own business characteristics and customer needs. That can improve customer purchasing experience and satisfaction.

Tuobo can provide ice cream paper cups of different sizes to meet the diverse needs of customers. We have 3oz-90ml, 3.5oz-100ml, 4oz-120ml, 6oz-180ml, 5oz-150ml, 8oz-240ml, 10oz-300ml, 12oz-360ml, 16oz-480ml, 28oz-840ml, 32oz-1000ml, 4oz-1100ml. Our minimum order quantity is between 10000pcs and 50000pcs. Contact us now to learn more details and create your own customized ice cream paper cup!

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How to Choose the Appropriate Size of an Ice Cream cup

When choosing the appropriate size, you need to consider the volume of the ice cream, the quantity of additives, customer needs, usage, cost, and environmental factors. Carefully consider these factors and choosing the appropriate ice cream cup size. Thus it'll maximize customer satisfaction, avoid waste, and save costs for your business.

A. Consider the volume of ice cream

Choosing the appropriate size of an ice cream cup or bowl requires considering the volume of the ice cream. If the cup you choose is smaller in size than the ice cream, it will be difficult to fit the ice cream in. Contrarily, choosing larger cup for ice cream may cause waste or make customers feel uneconomical.

B. Consider the quantity of additives

Additives are also one of the important factors for an appropriate size selection. For additives, such as nuts, fruits, or chocolate blocks, it is necessary to leave enough space to place they on the surface of the ice cream. Overcrowded ice cream cups may make customers feel uncomfortable or inconvenient to eat.

C. Considering customer needs

The key factor is understanding your target customers. Some customers may prefer larger capacity, while others prefer smaller cups. So, it is important to consider the customer's needs. Understanding target customers' taste and preferences, the price they are willing to pay are important. All are key factors in choosing the right size ice cream cup.

D. Customer preferences and needs

It's necessary to choose the appropriate size based on customer preferences and needs. Choose the most suitable ice cream cup size for customers based on their actual needs. For example, fast food restaurants generally choose smaller capacity, while dessert shops are more suitable for a larger one. You can also increase the selection of customized ice cream to meet the needs and flavors of different customers, further improving customer satisfaction.

E. Programmed sales and standardization

Use programmatic sales techniques to determine the size of ice cream cups that best suit customer needs and ensure that the capacity of each ice cream cup is accurate. Besides, it is possible to avoid errors and customer dissatisfaction caused by inconsistent capacity by unifying specifications and ensuring consistent capacity of cups of the same size. Tuobo ensures to provide high-quality and standard paper cups with matching discounted prices.

F. Cost control

Cost control factors need to be considered when selecting the appropriate ice cream cup size. Larger cups may have higher costs, while smaller cups may have lower costs. Buyers also need to reasonably balance economic efficiency and customer needs, while controlling costs without affecting customers' purchasing decisions. Tuobo has over ten years of experience in foreign trade and can provide you with professional advice and solutions to save you costs.

G. Environmental protection and sustainability

Choose environmentally friendly and reusable materials can reduce the environmental impact. (Like paper cups or plastic cups made of recyclable materials.) It can also promote and encourage customers to choose to recycle ice cream cups. That can also improve their sustainability and environmental awareness, using resources reasonably. Tuobo's paper materials have been carefully selected. And all paper packaging of it is biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

Best Practices

A. Provide multiple sizes of cups

Providing various cup options can meet customers' different tastes needs. And it can improving their purchasing experience and satisfaction. It is necessary to consider both business characteristics and customer needs. Thus, it can help to choose the most suitable size to increase sales volume.

B. Arrange cup display based on store structure

When displaying ice cream cups in the store, consider the store structure and customer flow. Placing different sizes and types in corresponding positions can increase customers' purchasing desire. Meanwhile, the newly launched ice cream needs to be displayed in a prominent position to attract more customers.

C. Monitoring sales data

Monitoring sales data can help understand customers' needs and preferences for ice cream cups of different sizes and types. Based on data analysis, product structure can be adjusted to improve sales and profits. At the same time, purchasing plans can be made based on sales data to improve inventory turnover and efficiency.

D. Propose new size choices in a timely manner

With the changes in market demand and customer tastes, it is necessary to constantly propose new ice cream cup size choices to meet customer needs and taste experience. By investigating and studying market information and the product structure of competitors, it is possible to anticipate market changes in advance, launch new varieties in a timely manner, and increase market share and brand awareness.


Choosing appropriate size requires comprehensive consideration based on the usage scenario and needs. So, before choosing the size of the ice cream cup, it is necessary to clarify the usage scenario and requirements. This will help effectively match the appropriate size. Choose larger cups to meet a large number of needs. Choose smaller cups to save space. Different types of ice cream require different sizes. Cream ice cream is suitable for using larger cups, while fruit flavored ice cream can use smaller cups. Brand image also needs to consider size selection. If the brand image requires high-end and luxury, larger cups can be chosen to achieve the matching effect. In addition, when choosing a cup, it is also necessary to consider other factors such as material, appearance, color, etc. These factors can also affect the effectiveness of cup use and brand image.

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Tuobo Paper Packaging Company ensures to provide customers with high-quality and high standard paper cups, while also offering matching discounted prices. We have over ten years of experience in foreign trade and can provide you with professional advice and solutions to save you costs.

Our paper product materials are carefully selected, and all paper packaging is biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

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